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I hope the following will help to reform some of the thinking patterns and help  
in your development... As usually for all the topics proposed on this website,   
if the informations below do not resonate for you, leave them. 
-Spirit Communications : 
       Paul of Tarsus                               Paul of Tarsus (1) 
Paul of Tarsus is working  through the trance medium Ray Brown in England, and is performing Psychic  Surgery. Below is the history of  Paul of Tarsus,  told by him :  
The spirit we know as Paul, who works through trance medium Ray Brown,  was born in the beautiful town of Tarsus, now known as Cilicia. His father was a wealthy privileged man and inherited Roman citizenship. Gaius Julius Paulus was Saul's Roman name, and he was brought up in the jewish faith during the violent reign of Caesar Augustus. When he became a young man, he went to Jerusalem to study theology under Rabbi Gamaliel.  
Life started to change around 30 AD when a man called  Yeshua ( founder of the Nazarene  movement) was arrested and accused of blasphemy by the hierarchy of the church. They felt threatened by his teachings and urged his death, as they believed his teachings of Love and Inner Virtue undermined their authority and control over the people of their faith. He was crucified on the orders of Pontius Pilate. As death by crucifixion was slow and horrific, no one could survive. The followers of Jesus scattered and the Nazarene sect started to become a threat to Hellenic Jewry. Due to his ability to speak many languages and being a Roman citizen, Paul was chosen by the high priest to pursue the Nazarenes. Many were killed upon Saul's orders, but increasingly he became troubled and it weighted heavily upon him, badly affecting his health. 
During an arduous five day journey on the desert road to Damascus in pursuit of the apostle Peter (Petrus), he became very sick with fever. The weather changed and agitated his horse. Saul was cold and the fever took hold. His horse suddenly threw him, and he fell to the ground, frozen to the spot and unable to move. A vision appeared to him, but he dismissed it as the fever. Three days later, the vision appeared again and a voice said :  
"Why do you persecute me, Saul?". 
Summoning the strength to ask who it was, the voice replied :  
"I am Iesus of Nazareth who you are persecuting." 
As he struggled to his feet, Saul realised he could not see. He was numb with fear. Iesus the Nazarene  told him to go to Damascus where he was taken to Ananias, an Orthodox Jew who has become a follower of Christ, a member of the Nazarene group. 
As Saul healed, Ananias invited him to be baptised, and from the time he was immersed in the water (the Water is the symbol of  Spirit ; the Fire is the symbol of unconditional  Divine Love which is burning all the materialistic attachments), he found the courage to repent and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. For the rest of his life, he then dedicated himself to the teaching of Jesus's message of Love and Spiritual Truths, shaping the new Christian world. 
He travelled thousands of miles, being prisoned many times, contracted malaria and endured long, torturous galley journeys and shipwrecks. He was whipped, stoned and dragged behind chariots.  
When he was about 65, he was delivered as a prisoner to the Romans by Governor Festus of Caesarea, and suffered unmercifully at their hands. He was threatened with crucifixion;  but as a Roman citizen, Paul had to die by the sword. He was eventually beheaded in Roma, and his earthly life was over. His work on earth was done, and his spiritual life began. 
Paul has been quoted  2000 years later that,  as one of the forerunners of the Christian church he failed in some aspects of his mission;  for, if he and others had done a truly good job, there would be no greed or poverty, and there would be no war. Instead of fighting against each other, all people would love and care for one another, as Jesus taught. Paul tells us :  
"You can feel the universal power wherever you are, if you choose to. For Love is the Spirit of Life. There is no beginning, and there is no end. The universal power is amongst you. It is all around you and lives within you. It is a power that you are a part of, and will always be a part of  till the end of time. Love is the greatest gift given because,  without it,  you  do not really exist, you are empty. My creator loves me. He is my existence. He is the reason that I am here and walking among you 2000 years on. He is the reason I passed on in the first place." 
I come to your world to heal the sick. For I am no greater than you, and you are no lesser than I. I am just Paul, a servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert;  so being one grain of sand, I am part of the whole. Love is all you need. Love is all you have. Do not seek power, you already have it given to you by God. Without God, nobody would be. Healing is Love, let all you do be done in Love. "  PAUL  
The Tomb of Saint Paul 
After a five year investigation, an ancient marble sarcophagus, beleived to hold the Apostle Paul's remains has been found. It is buried deep beneath the altar of the church of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. A Vatican expert who has no doubt of its authenticity, lifted the stones in the floor below an old marble plaque saying "Paul Apostle Martyr" thought to be buried in 390 AD as the church was built. The discovery confirms Paul's resting place.  However, it may be many more years before the sarcophagus can be viewed by the general public.  
See also  the website :  http://www.raybrownhealing.com/index.html