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The dreams which we remember and are able to describe are those which occur just as we are falling asleep or just as we are beginning to awaken. It is during these times that our conscious mind is partially active and in a state to receive impressions which are retained by the memory. Frequently, however, these impressions are so faint that they are remembered only for a short time. We may remember a dream for  a few minutes when we wake up in the night, but the next day, it is entirely forgotten. On the other hand, there are dreams which are so vivid, and  which impress themselves so very strongly upon us, that we can recall them and describe them in detail years afterwards. 
During sleep, this mysterious underworld of thoughts comes into control, and because it is unbounded either by time or space, it can reveal to us conditions of our present and future state of which we have no knowledge when we are awake and wholly conscious. 
That « dreams go by opposites » is a general belief which is sometimes doubted. With certain qualifications, however, it is perfectly true statement, although it is only recently that the reason for this has been discovered. There is one peculiarity about the subconscious mind which particularly distinguishes it from the conscious. When we are awake, we are constantly making mental contrasts, or thinking in opposites. For instance, we distinguish black from white, large from small, forwards from backwards, joy from sorrow, and so on, by reason of the fact that the one is the direct opposite of the other. Now, when we are asleep, we sometimes lose this power of contrast,   and there occurs in our mind what is called a « unification of opposites ».  In other words, we are unable to draw distinctions. When we think we dream of black, it may really be white, up may be down, small may be great, sorrow may signify joy. In fact, almost every dream is a puzzle-picture which must be solved with the aid of past experience. 
Dreams of falling from high places, of running without gaining ground, of being chased or terrified by ghosts and monsters, of screaming with fear (and often awaking at once), of stepping off a kerb or step and of slipping and then waking up with a jerk, of going up or down in lifts, of fields or rivers flowing with blood, of fire and flames, of great stretches of plain or sea, of drowning, of diseases and dreaming that one is dying —these and, in fact, any of those dreams which are accompanied by feelings of great terror and which are usually described as « nightmares » are caused by alteration in the flow of blood through the brain ; and they must not be regarded as being prophetic, since they do not arise from the subconscious or intuitive mind. 
Under the title of self-suggested dreams, come all those which concern a person or thing which has been prominent in our mind just before falling asleep. Perhaps a book we have been reading may have made a deep impression on us, and we may dream about incidents or characters from it.  It may be that we have read something in a newspaper or heard some story from a friend, or that we may have seen a film or play. All the things are able to affect us because they are retained by the memory, and are liable to be released when we fall into the sleeping state. 
It will be seen that, before we attach any divinatory or prophetic significance to a dream, we must cast our mind back to make sure that it is not merely the result of something which has occured to us a day or two previously, and which has been unconsciously reproduced in sleep. 
Yet another type of dream requiring no interpretation is that which is caused by mental telepathy. That is to say, if someone with whom we are closely associated is undergoing a severe emotional disturbance, it may sometimes be communicated to our mind during sleep. It is everyone, however, who possesses this peculiarly receptive power, and it is dangerous to jump to the conclusion that, when we dream that a friend is ill or in trouble, this must necessarily be the case. Those dreams, then, which may be truly regarded as oracular dreams are the ones for which we can find no explanation. They must not be nightmares, or dreams of persons or things we have recently seen or heard about ; they must not be those which come to us in illness or from worry or fright. They must be the natural products of untroubled and healthy sleep, when our body is resting in a normal position and we are not affected by adverse conditions of extreme heat and cold. In the key which follows, it must be remembered that the interpretations given are necessarily broad, for it is impossible to enter into detailed descriptions which will agree with every variety of dream. The meanings must be taken as general indications rather than exact prophecies, for when we are dealing with the subsconscious mind, it is not always easy to arrive at an exact interpretation. It is important to remember that the interpretation of a dream may denote both present and future events, for the two are inseparable. The future is ever in preparation, and it is the peculiar power of our subconscious mind which allows us to see it in the making. 
Aboard. — If on board a ship, will gain from a hazardous enterprise. 
Abroad. — To travel to a foreign country : an advancement in business ; if a friend or relatives goes abroad : a future estrangement. 
Abyss.— If looking down an abyss : you are in danger but can avoid it if you act swiftly. Falling down an abyss : an organic dream with no prophetic significance. 
Accident. — To be involved in an accident on the road, or to see one : great discretion in your affairs ; you are trusting others too much. A train accident : a warning that, unless you place a greater confidence in yourself, you will meet with failure in the enterprise which you contemplate. 
Aircraft. — Your ambition and courage will lead you onwards to your goal. If a flying accident, avoid taking business risks for the next few days. 
Alphabet. — If reciting the alphabet, much worry and agitation is in store for you. 
Altar. — To dream you are before an altar is an unhappy omen signifying losses and affliction. If you are decorating the altar, however, a happy love affair awaits you. 
Anchor. — If you hope and have faith, you will be delivered from your present trouble. If the anchor is dragged, you will embark upon some rash business which will bring you shame. 
Angels. — Fortunate for those in love. A happy marriage will result. Joy and consolation. 
Anger. — When angry with a friend, the latter may be regarded as being especially faithful. The object of another’s anger, he may rest assured that he is greatly loved. 
Animals. — Happiness. Wild animals, treachery and cruelty on the part of enemies. 
Arm. — If strong and healthy, will have success in an unexpected quarter ; if weak or diseased, will suffer a great disappointment. 
Arrow. — If fired towards you and wounds you, a betrayal of your confidence. If dreamer is shooting arrows, he will be led into slanderous utterances in the near future. 
Assassin. — Within a few days, the dreamer will meet one who will help him greatly in finance matters. 
Axe. — To wield an axe tells of great strength of character, which will bring success and much reward. 
Baby. — A happy omen for a woman. Great joy and a true lover. If a man, a disappointment in a love affair. 
Bag. — If carrying a full bag, an unimportant loss is to be expected shorly. An empty bag : a trifling present from an acquaintance. 
Ball. — If you are playing with the ball, expect some exceptionally good news. If you watch others playing, you will soon become jealous of a friend. 
Bath. — To dream you are in your bath and the water is warm : you will fail in the task you have undertaken. If water is cold, success and prosperty. 
Beggar. — If you refuse to give money, you may expect a loss. If you give alms, prosperity is in store for you.  
Bells. — Tolling bells, bad news concerning a friend or distant relation. To see a bell, a sudden quarrel, especially for married persons. 
Birds. — To wealthy person, birds on the wing is a loss of money. To one in humble circumstances, an upward trend of affairs, bringing happiness and success. 
Blood. — If in great quantity, no significance ; otherwise, blood symbolizes gold, an increase in material wealth. 
Boat. — If on calm water, expect a change of residence and occupation. If water is rough and stormy, a great disappointment. 
Book. — A good sign, especially if reading one. You will journey to another part of the country, and there,  make a discovery of great value.  
Bottle. — A letter containing surprising news is on its way, if an empty bottle. A full bottle, indisposition of a friend. 
Box. — Opening a box, a secret of the dreamer has been discovered. Closing a box, trouble in money matters. 
Bread. — Eating it, expect to enjoy very good health. If baking it, a bad sign : sorrow at home and quarrels between man and wife. 
Bridge. — Crossing a bridge, you have been worrying unduly over a matter which is not serious. If bridge should collapse, exercise special care in your financial affairs. 
Broom. — To sweep, a change of occupation. Lying on the ground, desertion by an old friend. 
Burglar. — In one’s house, a lucky speculation. If you are a burglar and are arrested, will defeat an enemy who has been troubling you. 
Burial. — Good news from a relative which will affect yourself. To lovers, a speedy marriage. 
Cage.If a woman dreams of a cage full of birds, an offer of marriage. If cage is empty, an elopemend owing to family opposition. For a man, an early marriage. 
Cards. — If you are playing and win, speedy marriage ; if you lose, will shortly be engaged upon a dangerous undertaking. If a spectator, anticipate an attempt to defraud you in some business transaction. 
Castle. — To live in one, you will be burdened with some great responsibility which will cause worry for a time. To view from a distance, an improvement in fortune and an appointment to some public office. 
Cat. — If one walking alone, a journey ; a mewing cat, lies will be told about you ; a cat which scratches itself, you will be deceived ; a purring cat, you will be guilty of hypocrisy. 
Cave. — If hiding, someone is spreading a scandal about you. To see wild animals coming out of a cave, the discovery of a secret which will cause misgivings. 
Cemetery. — Good news; the restoration to health of a sick friend or relation . 
Cheating. — If cheating someone else, be on your guard against fraud or deception. If in the dream you are being cheated, you are contemplating a doubtful deal and would be well advised not to go on with it. 
Children. — Great joy and prosperity. For a woman, she has, or will have, a good husband ; for a man, complete domestic concord awaits him.  
Church. — If doors are open, rise in position or expansion in business. Closed doors of a church, expect a bitter disappointment, perhaps a monetary loss. 
Coffin. — Recovery of sick persons and dispersal of worries. If lying in a coffin, an early marriage. 
Cross. — If bound to a cross, you will have some great triumph. To see a cross to which someone else is bound, it is a most unlucky sign. 
Crown. — An ill-omen if you wear it yourself. If worn by another, you will soon have a rise in position. 
Colours. — In divination by dreams, certain colours have special meanings ; they are as follows : 
     Black. — Great joy, in connexion with someone very dear. 
     White. — Deep sorrow and worry. 
     Light Blue. — Purity and great sincerity, bringing happiness. 
     Dark green. — From some source there is evil threatening. 
     Light Green. — Calm thoughts and repose ; contentment. 
     Dark Purple. — A mental storm is brewing which may result in sorrow. 
     Light Purple. — Inspiration and wisdom. 
     Red. — Excessive passion, causing misery. 
     Yellow. — Success in love affairs. 
Dagger. — Pointed towards you, strife and enmity. If you yourself hold dagger, your cherished wish will be fulfilled. 
Dancing. — Will receive an unexpected present from a stranger. To watch others dancing, jealousy in love. 
Death. — Long and comfortable life. To sick persons, a speedy recovery to health. 
Desert. — To travel across a desert, signifies a short journey on business matters. 
Devil. — An unlucky dream foretelling approaching danger and temptation. 
Diamond. — If you find it, loss of money. If you are cutting it. You will prevail over a relentless enemy. 
Digging. — To dig for gold or other treasure is unlucky. To be digging on cultivated land, increase wealth. 
Diving. — Diving into water, a good omen. To watch others dive, you will see your friends succeed where you have failed. 
Doctor. — You will enjoy good health and your ills will be minor ones. 
Dog. — To dream of your own dog denotes fidelity of friends. Strange dogs, enemies are waiting to ruin you. 
Doll. — Much pleasure and festivity will occur within a few days, probably at the house of a stranger. 
Dove. — Peace and prosperty, unless you see it fall to the ground, when it foretells the death of a distant relative. 
Drinking. — If you drink wine, beer or spirits, you will have a business loss. To drink water, a disappointment for one who is closely associated with you. 
Drowning. — Good omen if you yourself are drowning. To watch others drowning, misfortune ; if you rescue them, you will be lucky in love. 
Earthquake. — To the married, discord between man and wife ; to the lover an indication that he has a rival ; to business men a warning to proceed with caution. 
Eating. — Strife between friends or lovers. 
Eggs. — Provided they are unbroken, success in business undertakings ; if broken, misfortune and quarrels. 
Face. — To see your face in a mirror, the discovery of a treasured secret ; if your face appears pale, you will suffer by the discovery ; if swollen and red, you will benefit by the discovery. 
Fairy. — Good news from an unexpected quarter. To lovers, a long and romantic life. 
Falling. — A dream which is organic and has no prophetic significance. 
Farm.— Great success in your business, especially if it involves much mental work. To the lover, an early marriage to a good tempered and devoted partner. 
Father. — If you dream of your father, a sign that he bears the greatest affection for you. 
Feather. — You will be caused of a great deal of worry through the indiscretions or the misfortunes of a relation. 
Fighting. — If you fight and lose, all your troubles will soon be dispersed. It is unlucky to fight and win. 
Fire. — An organic dream, caused by physical disorders. No prophetic significance. 
Fish. — To see a single fish, increased prosperty, a devoted spouse and a brilliant child. If several fish, many friends are working to help you. 
Flag. — Danger if flag is of a foreign country. To see the flag of your own country, a special honour will be awarded you. 
Flowers. — In dreams, certain flowers have special significations ; they are as follows : 
     Bluebell. — You will have a nagging spouse. 
     Buttercup. — Your business will increase. 
     Carnation. — A passionate love affair. 
     Clover. — Someone who is very poor seeks your hand. 
     Daffodil. — You have been unjust to a friend ; seek reconciliation. 
     Forget-me-not. — Be firm, break with your love — he is not suitable for you. 
     Honeysuckle. — Domestic quarrels will cause you sorrow. 
     Iris. — A letter bearing good news. 
     Poppy.— A message bringing great disappointment. 
     Primrose. — You will find happiness in a new friendship. 
     Rose.— A wedding, perhaps your own, within a year. 
     Snowdrop. — Do not conceal your secret, you will feel happier if you confide 
     In someone. 
     Violet. — You will marry someone younger than yourself. 
     Forest. — To be lost in one is lucky ; if you view one from a distance, 
     You will lose some property. 
Fruits. — Fruits have particular meanings, they are as follows :    
     Apple. — If red, a present of money within a few days ; if green, you will wait 
     a month or two for it. Golden apples are omens of great wealth. 
     Cherry. — Unhappy circumstances in love affairs. 
     Gooseberry. — Beware of a rival. 
     Grape. — Success for the trader ; jealousy for those in love. 
     Lemon. — Quarrels between man and wife, or breaking off an engagement. 
     Orange. — Loss of goods and infidelity of a lover. Beware of placing implicit 
     trust in a chance acquaintance. 
     Pear. — An advance in business and a new friendship. 
     Plum. — Sickness of a friend or relation. 
     Raspberry. — Great disappointment, but consolation from an unexpected 
     Strawberry. — A visit to the country with one who loves you. 
Games.— To play, good news ; to watch them, jeasousy of a friend. 
Garden.— Marriage with a very beautiful woman or a handsome man. 
Ghost.— If a terrifying and horrible character, an organic dream and no significance. 
Giant.— Lucky omen. Commercial prosperty is foretold. 
Gipsy.— Domestic happiness. To dream that you are a Gipsy means you will never settle down. 
Gloves.— To dream of losing them, a business loss ; to find a pair, a parting from a friend ; to wear them, a wedding. 
Grave.— Health for the sick, riches for the poor, and lovers for the loverless. 
Gun.— to hear the report, the death of a distant relative. To fire a gun, hurt from an enemy. 
Hand. — A right hand refers to brothers or sisters ; a left hand represents children. If the hands appear to be tied, the removal of some impediment to success. 
Hanging.— If you dream that you are being hanged, a good omen ; to see another being hanged, a friend or relation will become honoured and famous. 
Harvest.— Prosperity for those engaged in business. 
Hat. — To wear a new one foreshadows a disappointment ; to lose one, a present ; to find one, a trifling loss of money. 
Head.— An injury to the head, a forewarning of misfortune for the dreamer. Unseen enemies encompass him. 
Hearse.— A marriage or a similar joyful celebration. 
Hills.— In the distance, realization of ambitions ; to climb them, future worries ; to run down them, bitter disappointment. 
Horse.— To ride a horse, the making of money and true friends ; to fall off, a hasty marriage. To see a number of horses signifies independence and happiness. 
Horseshoe.— Ill luck telling of gambling losses and unrequited love. 
Hospital.— Good health and freedom from worry. 
House.— Domestic comfort and a contented wife. To see a house fall foretells family quarrels and estrangements. 
Hunger.— If you dream of hunger, you will never experience it in reality. 
Husband.— If you are a single and dream that you have a husband, you will long remain a spinster. 
Hymn.— To be singing hymns denotes love that will not be returned ; to hear others singing them, distress among friends or relatives.  
Ill Health.— A contrary dream, good health and a long and peaceful life. 
Ink.— To spill, it is lucky. Writing with it, it foretells business revival. 
Inn.— If you are inside one, you will know poverty ; if you are outside, you will have a great disappointment. 
Insanity.— Social success. You will possess a faithful marriage partner. 
Invention.— To dream of a new invention is a sign of great advancement in business, through your own ability. 
Jealousy.— To dream that you are jealous means you will have cause for jealousy ; to dream that someone is jealous of you is a sign that you are deeply loved. 
Jewellery.— Your vanity will bring about many disappointments. To those who have passed through great grief, the healing of wounds and the love of a devoted friend. 
Journey.— To make a journey is a direct prophecy that you will do so in real life. 
Jumping.— To fall while attempting to jump, a lucky omen ; it denotes the overcoming of difficulties, and eventual success. 
Key.— A single key is a sign of love and marriage ; many keys denote prosperity, but little affection. 
King.— Unlucky. It means degradation. If you see a king, you will be helped in life by some rich friend. 
Kissing.— If kissing someone against his will, it is lucky ; you possess a true lover. If you are kissed, you will live a life without love. 
Kitchen.— Great domestic bliss and a faithful circle of friends. 
Knife.— Illness. Loss of money and quarrels with relations. 
Ladder.— If you climb a ladder, you will succeed with the plan you have in mind ; if you fall, make certain that your course of action is wise. 
Lameness.— If you see a lame person, a disappointment. To dream that you are lame, you will never know poverty or loneliness. 
Lamp.— To carry or to see a burning lamp is lucky ; truth will remain your ideal throughout life. A dim or unlit lamp is unlucky ; it suggests that you possess a dull intelligence. 
Laughter.— If you laugh in a dream, in reality you will really cry. 
Letter.— If receiving a letter, you will shortly send an urgent one. If you send a letter, you may expect a valuable present. 
Lightning.— Great success in business and for all those who work on the land. 
Love. — To those who are lonely and unloved, an affair of the heart, probably marriage. If married, quarrels and domestic strife as it is also for those who are engaged. 
Luggage.— If you see your own luggage, great difficulties to be encountered next day. To see other people’s luggage, a short journey for you. 
Madness.— If you dream you are mad, a sign of keen intellect and ability, and portends great success in the future. 
Marriage.— Trouble, anxiety, and loss of money. 
Milk. — To sell milk a great disappointment. To give milk away, a sign of future prosperity. 
Mist.— If you are enveloped in it, the plans which you have in mind will succeed. To view mist from a distance betokens troubles and misunderstandings with friends.  
Money.— To lose money foretells unexpected gains ; to find it, a heavy loss. 
Moon.— Unexpected happiness and sucess in love. A new moon is favourable to merchants, farmers and lovers. A full moon :  an approaching marriage. 
Mother.— Wise counsel, kind and loving friends, happy marriage and an honourable position. 
Motoring.— If you are motoring, a short journey is predicted. 
Murder.— An organic dream of no prophetic significance. 
Music.— If it is harmonious, good news. Discordant notes signify a journey, with mishaps. 
Nails.— To be hammering nails, a sign of unexpected news concerning a dearly loved friend. To be drawing them out betokens quarrels with a new acquaintance. 
Needles.— Lawsuits or arguments concerning your property. If bright and shining, you will be successful ; if they are dull, expect loss. 
Numbers. In dreams, we are frequently aware of a certain number of objects, or perhaps certain numbers or figures flash vividly before us. Now, these numbers have a significance, but only when they are reduced to primaries, or thos from one to nine inclusive. To reduce any number to a primary, add together the digits of which it is composed, thus : 496 = 4 + 9 + 6 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. 
If you dream of the number 24, you must interpret it as 6, for 2 = 4 = 6. 
 In this manner any number can be reduced. 
1.You will attain outstanding skill in some trade or art. 
2.Complications in business affairs. 
3.Your ideas will materialize and bring success. 
4.A secure and sheltered life awaits you. 
5.You are about to make an important discovery. 
6.A sincere love affair is in store for you. 
7.Solution of your problems and dispersal of worries. 
8.An advantageous offer, perhaps within a week. 
9.Be cautious ; you are pursuing a dangerous course. 
0.  (the cipher has no significance.) 
Nursery.— Prosperity. Wealth earned through labour. To the married, the birth of a child, probably a son. To those in love, an early wedding. 
Nut.— Nuts growing, you will have a rich partners in life. If you are eating nuts, you will become poor through your own extravagance. 
Old age.— If elderly dream of old age, they will live long. To younger people, prudence and counsel. 
Organ.— If you hear or see one, your present trouble will soon pass ; to dream that you are playing the organ, immediate advancement and a joyful marriage. 
Owl.— Melancholy dream predicting sadness, poverty, and sometimes disgrace. 
Pain. — To dream that you are in pain is an organic dream and has no significance. 
Paper.— Blank paper foretells a period of grief ; paper which bears writing, great joy in connexion with a love affair. 
Parcel.— To receive a parcel denotes a loss ; to send a parcel, the arrival of a small present ; carrying a parcel, a friend or relation will make a lucky speculation.  
Pearl.— A prediction that you will acquire riches. 
Poison.— If taking poison, you will be guilty of an injustice. To see another taking poison, you will suffer from the vile tongues of slander. 
Potatoes.— To dig for them denotes gain ; to eat them, heavy losses and dishonesty in business. 
Prayer.— If you are praying, happiness ; to hear the prayers of others, ungracious actions on your part. 
Prison.— To dream that you are committed to prison, an indication of freedom ; if you see others in prison, a disappointment. 
Purse.— Success and prosperity ; a full purse, sorrow and anger. To lose a purse predicts a trifling gift from a new friend ; to find one, good news by letter. 
Quarrelling.— A contrary dream denoting reconciliation in love. 
Queen.— If you are a queen, you will be degraded and humiliated. To see a queen, aid from a rich and influential friend. 
Questions.— To hear or to ask questions denotes a change in circumstances which will be greatly to your advantage. 
Quicksand.— To be in them, a rise in your position and marriage to a rich lover. If you see others sinking in them you will meet with troubles and opposition in your business affairs. 
Race.— To take part in any kind of race means that you will be confronted with a great temptation. 
Railway.— You will receive a visit from a long lost friend. 
Rain.— If it is falling heavily, domestic trouble and business losses ; a light shower, success of an undertaking. 
Rat.— Secret and powerful enemies ; you will defeat them if you kill the rat. 
Raven.— Bad omen. You must expect many disappointments, a rival in your affections, and a more or less serious loss of money. 
Rice .— An omen of abundance and domestic concord. 
Ring.— If you receive a ring, you will soon be married. If a wife dreams of breaking a ring, she will have a bitter quarrel with her husband. 
Rival.— To dream of your rival, either in business or love, is exceptionally fortunate ; you will soon be successful in your aims. 
Road.— A broad and smooth road is unlucky. A rough and winding road is fortunate. 
Rocks.— Dangers and difficulties will beset your path ; you should tread warily. 
Rope.— To be bound with rope denotes that you will soon break a promise to a friend. To see others bound, someone will break his promise to you. 
Rowing.— An omen of success generally ; if the boat upsets, you will receive very important news. 
Running.— You will be making a journey to meet someone who will help you.  
Sailing.— Success and prosperity. 
Scissors.— To be unmarried, an approaching wedding ; to the married woman, a misunderstanding with her husband. 
Silk.— This is an omen of good fortune and joyful love. 
Silver.— A prediction of the marriage of a friend or relative. 
Skeleton.— If you are in trouble, you will soon receive much comfort, probably from a stranger. 
Smoke.— White or grey smoke predicts that you will offer someone’s hospitality, but will soon regret it. Black smoke, worries connected with domestic affairs. 
Snakes.— Secret and treacherous enemies will attempt to ruin you. With strength and courage, you can prevail against them. 
Snow.— If a young girl dreams of snow, she is about to meet a lover. To others, good news and financial gain. A snowstorm predicts great changes of a satisfactory character. 
Sparrow.— Feeding sparrows, great domestic happiness will be yours. If the birds fly away from you, you will receive an unpleasant surprise concerning household matters. 
Spider.— A lucky escape from an accident ; if spinning, you will receive a sum of money. 
Stairs.— To walk up stairs, a disappointment ; to walk down them, a surprise. 
Stars.— If bright, success in love and business ; dim or falling stars are ill omens denoting quarrels, slander and failure.  
Stealing.— If others are stealing from you, financial gain ; if you are stealing, triumph over an enemy. 
Stockings.— For women, conquests in love ; for men, extravagance or ruination. 
Stones.— Throwing them, a visit from a relation ; to see others throw them, an omen of sorrow and affliction. 
Sun.— If you see it rising, great advancement ; setting, disappointed hopes. Bright sunlight signifies the discover of secrets and much happiness thereby ; a darkened sun is an omen of worry and fear. 
Sweets.— Unlucky. You will suffer a bitter disappointment. 
Swimming.— Success in your undertakings, although at first you will have to experience worries. 
Sword.— To dream that you are wearing a sword signifies that you have been acting in a very high-handed manner. 
Table.— An omen of domestic comfort ; a happy and contented marriage partner. 
Talking.— If talking loudly to someone, a sum of money is coming to you by way of your business or in the form of a legacy.  
Tea.— To dream you are drinking tea denotes a loss of property. 
Tears.— Laughter and much joy. 
Teeth.— To dream that they are aching or discoloured, a slight illness. 
Telegram.— A pleasant surprise awaits you. 
Temptation.— If you are tempted and fall, the contrary will happen ; to be tempted but resist, you will be led astray by false friends. 
Thunder.— If you hear thunder overhead, great success and the overthrowing of enemies. Distant thunder, many worries in your domestic affairs. 
Trees.— In bud, a new love ; with luxuriant foliage, a happy marriage and children ; without leaves, trouble in matrimonial affairs. 
Tunnel.— Walking through a tunnel, you will make a discovery of importance. To be looking into the mouth of a tunnel foretells a change of dwelling place. 
Umbrella.— To lose an umbrella is unfortunate ; to find one : a severe loss in business. 
Uncle.— To dream of one’s uncle implies a visit from a stranger who will bear surprising news. 
Undressing.— You will make a grave mistake in your business affairs unless you listen to advice. 
Veil.— If a woman is wearing a torn veil, it predicts the revelation of a secret. To see others wearing thick veils, many misunderstandings between friends. 
Velvet.— A dream of discord, presaging petty strife and worries in the household. 
Violin.— A good dream for lovers, an early marriage and prosperity. To the sick, an omen of returning health. 
Voices.— To hear voices but not to see the speakers betokens sorrow and much worry. 
Voyage.— A direct prophecy of a voyage ; if you  dream that the conditions will be rough, they will be calm ; and vice-versa. 
War.— Peace and success in business awaits you. To the tradesman, it foretells the failure of his competitors. 
Water.— Clear water means happy love and freedom from cares ; muddy water, an evil conscience ; quarrels with friends. 
Wealth.— To the poor, it is a good dream ; to the rich, a sign of losses caused through a craving for much money. 
Weeping.— A contrary dream denoting festivity, joy and laughter. 
Wife.— If a spinster dreams she has married, she will long remain single. If a man dreams of his wife, it is an omen that she loves him deeply and will be faithful.  
Wine.— Drinking wine implies a business loss and the making of a new friend. To serve others with wine, great domestic enjoyment. 
Women.— For a man to dream of seeing many woman is a sign of lies, betrayal and downfall. If a woman dreams she is in the company of other women, she will have many new clothes. 
Writing.— To dream that you are writing a letter denotes that you will receive one from a very old friend. 
Yew.— To be sitting under a yew tree predicts the loss of a friend through illness. To see one, a lucky escape from a serious accident is implied. 
Zebra.— A change of circumstances ; poverty followed by a successful business transaction, which will bring riches. 
Submitted by Maryse Locke