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Here below I share some high level teachings from high degree spirits about different scientific, psychological or philosophic subjects. Positive sharing! 
This E-LIBRARY that I have prepared for you is a PHILANTHROPIC FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE, with "free water" for all those who are thirsty. More free E-books will be added to it.  
Many historical personages came through trance speaking mediums of the past in order to share these important informations. These documents are precious because they represent tremendous efforts, time and energy, dedication, discipline and generosity from teams of the past who mobilised themselves and worked without discontinuation on both sides of the Veil to reveal that  
THERE IS NO DEATH !                     
At the beginning of July 2002, Spirit Jack Webber, a famous physical medium of the past, came through a trance medium at the Mediumship Center of Hafan-y-Coed (South Wales). During one hour and a half, we both talked about vortex, gravity, etc.  
Then he told me that my mission was to reveal to the world the scientific knowledge that has been transmitted by the spirits many years ago, and to document and share the informations about the different parallel dimensions. When I asked where to find these documents, he said that this scientific knowledge has been subdued by the American and English governments, as an indication where I would find them…
Spirit Jack Webber told me that it was THE WILL of the teams in the Invisible world to reveal these scientific knowledges, amounting their hard work, to the entire world, FREELY, for the benefit of our generation and the future generations.
These never ending philanthropic efforts are part of a great «Healing and  Spiritual Plan » in order to transform this planet in a garden of Beauty, Wisdom, Peace and Harmony. A Golden Age of the planet!

When once I asked to a French spirit guide how to get more spiritual energy for our scientific research in ITC in order to improve the quality of the results, he answered: “The humanitarian work is where there is the most of Spiritual Energy”.
I now ask our readers from different countries to continue the philanthropic effort for the Humanity, and if possible, to work on the translation of these precious books, in order to continue to share them FREELY on Internet.
If some of you have done the translation in French of some books, I would be very pleased to have a copy in order to create an E-Library on the French version of our web site. Thank You! 
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