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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEXT: The information or advice that I write on this Site have been taken from my own experience, or from my own knowledge/research. These texts are offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgement in utilising  this material. If something rings true to you, fine! If something does not resonate, please, leave it alone!  
I  would like  to tell you about an experiment we did in Physical mediumship with photographic paper. I have scanned in the image John received. But first, find  below the technical details, if you want to try yourselves.:
- buy in a photo-shop the photographic paper Black and White and GLOSSY, ILFORD - multigraphic 12,7 x 17,8 - Multigrade IV Rc de luxe - MGD.IM - Cat 176 9881 - 66B570 x 36,  + the development kit :  
-ILFORD Multigrade - Paper and film revelator( Black and White) - 1 litre ( value : 8.30 pounds)  
-ILFORD Rapid fixer - (Black and White) - 1 litre (same price)  
Instructions are on the bottles.
You will need also 3 plastic trays, in different colours (one for the revelator, and for the water, one for the fixer -), plus a plastic tweezers , and a measure for the liquids.
You need also black thick light proof paper (if there is not in the photo-shop, find in an art-shop) to make some light-proof envelops in which you will have to slide the photographic paper, in a full dark room. Write the names on the back of the photographic paper, if you are several, and on the black envelop. The black envelop will be sealed with scotch also in the dark room. Then put the envelop on your solar plexus, under the tee-shirt, for at least 4 hours (I would suggest rather 6 or 8 hours, depending on the fluctuations of the person's energy on the day chosen).
For the developing process, you can use a dim red light.  
About this photo I scanned, almost two years ago, we have been told by an  medium in Paris, Michel Rigolt, that John's guide name was djedblai¨(Djeb ptah ef ank), was a jewish-egyptian who lived about 900 years before JC, and whose name was written in the bible. He said we could pronounce Djedblaï or Djedbli (the i of fit). He said it's the way his friends called him. We do not know more.
We did not imagine him at all with this dignitary look (priest or pharaoh?), with this cloth on the head and the conic beard. What is interesting on this picture is the cat down on the left side, and the feminine look of the "gatekeeper", on the back of his head, looking in reverse direction.
About 900 years BC means the 21st or 22nd dynasty. I think the cat is the symbol of psychic abilities, the telephatic way the spirits are communicating in the brain, and the different states of consciousness. The archaeologists, who are not spiritualists, gave another explanation to the cat, and pretended that the Egyptians worshipped the cat, because they found a lot of cats skeletons in the temples. In the 900 years Before JC, there was the temple of EL BAST where they pretended the Egyptians worshiped the cats.  
It seems as there is also a cinocephal monkey on the picture, the monkey being the symbol of the undisciplined mental which has to be controlled.
The presence of the gatekeeper on the back is a confirmation that it is about trance mediumship, or something like that. There is also another spirit above the gatekeeper, who must be the teacher or the communicator.  
The spirits transmit sometimes pictures which are already existing somewhere. But for the moment, I don't know if this image exists in a museum or is still in an Egyptian tomb, undiscovered.
I can tell you, this way to get picture with mediumistic energy gives a better result than the video-projector/digital camera process on which we still have to make more research to improve the quality of the images, and it is less expensive.
Good luck to the one of you who wants to try. 
                                 JGL guide Skotography