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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEXT: The information or advice that I write on this Site have been taken from my own experience, or from my own knowledge/research. These texts are offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgement in utilising  this material. If something rings true to you, fine! If something does not resonate, please, leave it alone!  
These conditions are significant, because, they have also an effect on the operation of the Ouija made of Copper tube and for the experiments of EVP (Electronique Voices Phenomena), of  DRV  (Direct Radio Voices) and of ITC Video Images.  I will complete this list of advice as they were transmitted to me by our guides;  please look at this page from time to time to read the new points added here.  Jack Webber, famous  English physical medium,  who lived from 1907 to 1940, and who is also my personal guide, told us in a meeting, that at this time, because there was no electricity in their houses, the physical phenomena were more significant in number and quality.   
He confirmed to us that,  due to the electrical / electronic pollution in current times,  it make it very difficult for the entities to make contact with us.  
He gave us the following guidelines : 
1. The equipment,  which we use for the EVP,  uses high frequencies, ( ultrasonic)  so it should be placed in a corner of the room, away from electricity and equipment  to minimise the impact of this pollution.  
2. He recommended to us to  separate the three situaions, ITC/EVP ,mental mediumship sessions and development sessions of physical phenomena to be in different location, separate rooms. 
3. Each type of mediumship, demonstration or workshop, requires different  guides for the various working methods, various speakers and specialists from beyond, and various numbers of assistants to help them to create the phenomena, and this requires much concentration of them; they prefer we do not mix meeting of traditional mediumship with other experiments using of the modern electronics components.  It is known that in fact the guides provide 80-90 % of work during all these experiments (ITC, EVP, traditional meetings...), and it is not a small matter for them who are not material and who cannot turn the buttons as easily as us ! Even with the best technical configurations of the world, they are unable  to communicate with us...  
4. Electricity should be  completely turned off in the room where the meeting will take place;  if necessary, one low power light ( red or blue) with dimmer control is acceptable 
5. In the time of Jack Webber  Mediums and sitters used ordinary solid wood chairs, WITHOUT CUSHIONS, and small light solid wood tables for the levitation.   The ground was very often a wooden  floor. Natural wood  material  allows the storage of energies. 
6. The secret of the " haunted " houses  is in the materials which these houses are built with:  Granite, marble, solid  timber, solid  timber beams, wood panels on the walls, floor made out of wood. In short, all natural materials  which were not changed from it's  natural structure by the man.  The basement is also ideal for the physical phenomena.  The ambient natural temperature in there is usually colder and more favourable for the work of  materialisations and other phenomena (This is also valid for the ITC and the EVP).   
7. The mediums were also dressed in loose clothes made in natural  tissues: cotton, flax.  Their solar plexus was not blocked.  Their underclothing  must let energies circulate . Preferably, during the training sessions, the medium will remove its shoes and socks.  The medium and sitters should not carry object out of metal on them  (watch, rings, bracelet, necklace.). 
8. Certain guides asked their female mediums, right before the meeting,   to be sponged with tepid water the following parts:  the neck and the nape of the neck, arms, the chest and armpits;  then, without drying themselves, these mediums dressed in a broad fitting sleeveless dress. 
9. One should never change chair.  The chair of the medium or the candidates for  the development of mediumship must always be the same one, so that it does become  " One " with the medium or the students.  The chair should not be impregnated with the vibrations of another person.

This also applies for the daily meditation in front of a source of light, for the traditional meetings, or for the training of physical mediumship in the darkness.   
10. Avoid heavy curtains, draperies, tapestries, and pieces of furniture upholstered 
or soft (mattress, poufs, pillows, etc).  The room must be almost empty of furniture.   
11. Sometimes, the spirits require to insulate the chair of the medium (with plastic or isolation put on ground), and below the chairs of all the participants and candidates with the development medium, as well as the solid wood table, if they use one. 
12. The room was already in the darkness (has door closed and no lighting very often for two hours before the meeting), when the participants entered there.  The participants must enter in silence the conference room, with minimum disturbance to furniture as possible not to disperse energies.   
13. The door and the windows must be completely blocked up (with a plywood on the windows for example) in order not to allow light to pass through.   
14. The colour of the walls of the room of meeting does not have importance;  the walls can be white, or navy  blue as at the group of Scole,...  
15. On the  days of meetings of physical mediumship,  it was requested that all the participants should eat  vegetarian to increase the vibrations, and of course, no alcohol consumption either on this day.  The meal must be taken at least 4 hours before the meeting.  
16. For the other groups, it was requested from all the participants of the meeting to eat more at breakfast and after which only consume  milk and some biscuits in the course of the day.  These are the groups which had the best results.   
17. Those participating in the meetings for  physical mediumship development were asked to join hands at the BEGINNING until the  END OF MEETING  , this way, it  increased  the  energy  (exponentially) according to the number of participants.  If the participants did not hold the hands of the medium to close the circle, then the two  people sitting either side of the medium were to hold with both hands of the person sitting next to them.  As the rooms were small, people had seat almost against the wall.   
18. During  the healing  meetings on the site of Stonehenge, due to the great number of the attendees, people took their hands, by forming two circles, the smallest circle inside the other.  The person being healed was held with the medium in the inner small circle, in company of  the healing mediums, who made the magnetic pass on the person being healed. 
19. The  rooms should  be narrow to allow a better concentration of energy.   
20. The chair or armchair of the physical medium is always in the corner of the room (if possible facing West).  On a rod fixed on the ceiling and  installed diagonally across the corner, in front of the medium, are suspended two black curtains;  it is in this narrow alcove that the  work of concentration of energy and extraction of substances is made by the scientific teams of spirits (chemists, physicists, etc),  in order to form the ectoplasm and to produce materialisations.  
21. The  chair of the medium can also be in a CABINET  (like a sentry Box) out of wooden of approximately 1,80 m height, on 0, 90 m 1 meter from broad, and 1 meter of depth.  The use of simple curtains are used to close the cabinet . 
22. In general, the number of people sitting was  seven :  the medium plus six people.  The number of participants never exceeded twelve, for reasons of harmony.  The participants assisting  the medium to develop were often  members of their own family.   
23. They  did not use a table in the middle of the room, when using a cabinet.   
24. The  trumpets were made out of cardboard or aluminium and were stood upright on the  floor, at a distance of approximately 1 m from the medium or positioned at the same distance , on a small solid  timber table.  Dimensions of the trumpets are 60 cm maximum length, 10 to 12 cm for the large opening, and 1,5 to 2,5 cm for the small opening.  The total weight should be between 225 gr. and 350 the gr., i.e. lightest possible.  Three bands of phosphorescent painting were painted close to the two openings and one in the middle of the cone.  To control the movement of the trumpet during the meeting, , a paper sheet is placed below the trumpet and they drew on paper, the circumference of the broad opening with a pencil.  If the trumpet had moved during the meeting, this could be easily checked. 
25. The  group of Scole used also long plastic tumbler ( tupperware), without the lid, and this object acted like an trumpet (amplifier) of  spirit voice.   
26. A large bowl  of fresh water is placed (on a small table, if used) close to the cabinet.  The water is weight before and after meeting.  The spirits use the water in making ectoplasms (in addition to the elements extracted from the mediums body, like in the spleen, the kidneys, the liver, the pancreas, and  the solar plexus of the participants).  
27. Several  house plants should  be added in the room, to allow the spirits to take from them alive substances for the bio plasma.  Some people use a  vase containing a fresh bunch of flowers. A certain amount of unaltered Oil seeds can be used also.      
28. The crystals (crystal of quartz and turquoise), are placed close to the medium or,  if used, on a small table;  this helps to support the materialisation.   
29.  Some pieces of Rock salt are placed close to the medium or,  if used, on a small table;  the Rock salt must be distant from at least a meter of the water container, due to its attraction of moisture.   
30. A VORTEX is excellent for materialisations (and for the ITC and the EVP).  They are true " doors or portals " between our universes.  In any room, there is always a vortex: it is the place in the room where the temperature is the coldest . To determine this, it is necessary to have a  sensitive electronic thermometer.  The Japanese of the 17th century said that "it is the place of the house where the phantom is living".  
31. They used completely mechanical gramophones or a piano to make music.  In the case of direct voices, sometimes, the broad cone of the gramophone was dismounted and placed on the piano to be used as amplifier:  people of the room sang at the same time as the pianist played, and the voices of the spirit choirs joined  in the songs.  The more the  people sang, the more there was energy, and the more the direct voices phenomena is supported.  The types of songs to be chosen are more or less the same ones used for Karaoke (Abba Group, songs with the amusing words, 
32. The participants should  speak, and even to laugh and joke during the sessions, while remaining courteous, to lighten and raise the vibrations and energy.  The group must avoid being silent.  The questions should  be freely put to the spirits in order to have interactive and relaxed sessions.  The thoughts of the group must remain concentrated on the interior of the room to avoid the dispersion of energies. 
33. The requests for prayers for healing  should NEVER be requested at the beginning of a meeting, as it is necessary to preserve energies in the room so that they are used to create physical phenomena.  It is only at the end of the meeting, before thanking the guides for having come, when one makes the request to send the remaining energy in the room towards those people in need around the world, either for the protection of the people, the children, of the animals, or for the healing. 
34. To settle the level of the vibrations in a large audience, certain experimenters in EVP and ITC, when making meetings in public, request for 15 minutes or more  of guided meditation (with CD or preregistered cassette) before beginning the experimentation.  This is required by the guides themselves. 
35. One covered lamp  with a low power red bulb was introduced into the room only after more than one year of sitting for Physical Mediumship, i.e. after the physical phenomena were quite advanced, and after having obtained the permission of the guides.  The red or violet lamps are always used for the physical phenomena. The continuous  lighting is a barrier for the medium, the spirits ask that one light only for  very short intervals during the meeting,  just the time to see the  phenomenon. 
The ultraviolet lights are prohibited during the meetings where there is ectoplasm.   
36. The lamps of indigo  blue are used during the development of the mental mediumship.   
37. The red colour being an energy colour, it was advised that  the physical medium  (and even that the other participants which want to develop towards the physical mediumship) to have as much as possible red on them (clothing) and red in the room where one sleeps and with  red decoration (red carpet, tables with red, red painting with the wall or the ceiling). 
38. During the Victorian period,  meetings would be held in half-circle around the lit chimney.  This is regarded as the place of the house where there is the most energy, because of fire. Exercises of development of trance, or the exercises of concentration (scrying) and clairvoyance also held in front of fire of the chimney.   
39. The spirits advised  the mediumship candidates  should  spend one hour or two in the open air, especially in the natural light of the sun to recharge their energy.  It appears that it makes you also luminous or fluorescent to the spirits in the darkness.  It is at least what they affirmed us.  The daily meditations should be held in front of a French window, even if one turns the back on the light, in order to recharge. 
40. It requires approximately 48 hours  for a physical medium to recover their energy, after a deep trance meeting. 
41.The awakening of  the medium after a physical séance  is more difficult in the presence of smokers (the medium feels as poisoned by nicotine), or of large alcohol consumers, and that acts on mediums health.  
42. To be surrounded by positive energy during a meeting has an impact on the health of the physical medium, and on the arrival of positive spirits, therefore on the safety of the medium. 
It is important to have a homogenous and loving environment;  harmony, sincerity, confidence, firmness of  the people present are essential. If these elements are missing, there is a risk of the intrusion by  elementary ignorant entities. Therefore the choice of the partners is very important.  That has also an impact on the success of the physical phenomena;  identical for the quality of the results in EVP or ITC. In the case of partners not accepting the rules laid down by the leader of the group, they  should be invited to leave the circle. Many circles have failed and have dissolved because of jealous members who have been maintained in the circle too long time, which allowed these destructive people to express their dissimulation and lies, thus creating major dissensions. 
43. During a meeting with a large group, the physical  medium purposely has  members of its family or her more faithful friends, in whom he has more confidence, on both sides of them, in order to serve to him as " bodyguards ".  If the medium is on a platform, they  will have them sit on the first two rows, always to be sure to have positive energy close to their auric field. 
44. The  ectoplasm is a DEMATERIALIZATION of the physical medium's body. One should not touch/pull the ectoplasm, or take some, because that would cause injury to the medium, and can cause very serious damage to the medium's body and severe haemorrhage. 
45. In no case, should the medium be touched while he is in trance.  When he comes out of the trance, it is necessary to avoid speaking to him during fifteen minutes, in order to allow him  to return completely to himself.  A glass of water must always be ready to drink after he comes out of the trance, this helps him to recover more easily. 
46. If one weighs the medium before the meeting of physical mediumship, and after the meeting, one should see a variation of the medium's weight.  This is due to a significant loss of water.  It is for that reason that  the medium must drink  plenty of water  the last hours prior to their meeting. The weight of the medium returns to the normal at the end of 9 hours.   
47. The spirit team work  on the medium's energies 9 hours before the meeting.   
48. It is necessary to avoid pronouncing the first name of the medium during trance, so that his conscience does not return to the surface.  It is necessary to use synonyms such as " your medium " or " your instrument " when one speaks about him with the spirits    
49. The  spiritualists of the 19th century used candle or oil lamps, with coloured glass.  In the event of using flashlights, it must be dimmed. 
50. For the viewing of materialisations of the hands with a red light, the following device was built:  a small rectangular table  with glass  top (the glass was coloured with red paint for stained glass;  or with a red fabric covering it completely) and under the table a low power  bulb, connected to a dimmer control. 
At one moment of the meeting, the spirits will require that this table be positioned  in front of the medium, so that the ectoplasm will lay on it (some kind of ectoplasmic cloud, of  approximately 30 cm of wide, coming out of the body of the medium and spreading across the glass table top, within sight of all, and which condenses slowly to form the fingers of a hand; the  hand whose temperature is that of the human body, and who is as solid as a normal hand).   
51. In the case where the experiments of EVP or ITC take place  in a large city where the powerful city equipment is numerous (mobile telephones,  television stations, electric pylons and many cables in the basement, or on the ground, and above the houses, etc), it is absolutely necessary to isolate the equipment by putting aluminium foil (used for cooking) ON the GROUND, below the table carrying equipment (video camera, screen, transmitter and receiver video, cassette recorder etc).  This will minimise the interference with the ground, and will improve the quality of images and sound of ITC and EVP. 
52. The cold assists the amplification of the voices (direct voices or in EVP), therefore the room should not be heated, even in winter (or if too cold, put the heating on two hours before the session, then switch it  off ). The ideal ambient temperature of the room is from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius maximum.  In summer, the room could be air-conditioned to lower the temperature, but beware of interference generated.  To amplify the voices in the experiments in EVP, it is recommended that the apparatus is put in a cool box, with a  frozen cool block.  One can also use a mini-refrigerator ( it should be disconnected right before the experiment of EVP).  The temperature, indeed, should  be close to zero in order to " solidify " the particles used by the spirits.  One needs the cold, but not moisture.  For materialisations, the ideal  conditions of weather are those of winter, that is cold weather and dry.  
53. The  spirits must pass into the zone where we live, i.e. between wiring on the ground or under ground and the cables in the sky, to materialise, or record their voice, or to present themselves on the screens used in ITC.  They say that their team of scientists must work at the level of  the atoms, and must make certain particles heavier to slow down them, and make other particles  lighter,  in order to obtain a synchronization with our terrestrial universe or dimension. The spirits create links with the invisible world (which become more difficult due to the electrical and electronic equipement use today); it is a real challenge for them, as they operate with subtle and low level energies. As mentioned above, our modern technology creates enormous turbulences and makes it difficult for them to connect with us. 
54. The  room for the spiritual sessions should not be used as guest room;  it should  remain closed when there is no meeting,  nobody should enter.  One should not make of cleaning in order to avoid disturbing the energies remaining in this room, or thereby interfering with  possible organisations/installations links which are invisible to us humans.  
55. In the case where experiments of skotography would take place during the meeting, with an unexposed film, without camera, this unexposed film is put in a closed box made out of solid wood  The box acts as " cabinet " to concentrate energies, which will make it possible the spirits to print on the film. 
56. For experiments of direct writing using two slates, attach each slate together  with a chalk slipped in between the two slates, then wrap these slates in a black fabric, or  slips them into a black hard-bound small pocket or in a wooden box so that these hermetic and light proof containers  make a " cabinet " and that the energies are concentrated there.  
57. We are all born as mediums since the birth... but born as undevelopped mediums. Many of us  have not developed this gift or do not know how to do it. While growing, the stresses, the concern, the material concerns, the ignorance of family or friends who sometimes do not  want to speak about our clairaudience, clairvoyance, of  trance or altered states, the superstitions around us, the  religious or family upbringing which closes us to the doors of the sky, etc makes our conscience put a firm control on our psychic and medium faculties.  Our natural faculties are inhibited.  Changing our conscience is far from being easy !  So, when we become adult, we all must patiently relearn to develop these faculties, thanks to the discipline of daily spiritual exercises of meditation, of concentration, breathing, prolonged low bowing in order to bath the brain, rotations of the head, the massages of the zones of acupressure in relation to the head, the eyes, the  pituitary and pineal glands...  
58. The  mediumship is purely energy and physical. We need a body in good health, with a good energy and blood circulation.   
59. The rules for the participants are the same ones as for the medium:  they must wear loose clothing, as much as possible of dark colours (chestnut, blue navy, gray, black... with the choice of each one) so that the vibrations emitted by the colours will be more or less equal, and especially NOT wear tight undergarment.  No metal objects or jewels should be worn by the participants.  
60. The  spirits require that  the people who want to develop their mediumship, in particular trance mediumship, to refrain from drinking alcohol, or drinks with chemicals, and to have an alkaline food (fruit and vegetables) in order to avoid toxins in blood. Alcohol clouds the brain (that makes difficult the decoding of the cerebral waves ) but blocks also the  energy on the level of the  knees.  Alcohol could also attract former alcoholics in the invisible world; in fact these recommendations relate to the safety of the medium.   
The person, who wants to develop her physical mediumship, should sit down in the TOTAL darkness twice per week (towards 22 hours each Monday for  example) with regularity and discipline, during months and months, even years.  It is necessary to leave 2 days at least between each training session to recharge oneself with the light (the sunlight, and not the electric light).  In the darkness, sit in a black cabinet made out of wooden (see Paragraph 20), or in a corner of the room, behind the curtains, close the eyes.  Breathing must be long and noisy in order for the medium to concentrate on the breathing rhythm  (7 to 10 seconds for the inhale, hold for 4 seconds, and 5 to 7 seconds for exhale). Relax their body completely, then  lower their state of  consciousnesses  by a visualization of an inert object ("visualization in loop") located at 10-20 cm with the front of the 3rd eye.  In no case, one should not fall asleep.  The sitting must last approximately an hour or more.  As the meetings become more interesting, with  physical phenomena being present, the spiritualist session can be prolonged up to  two hours or more.   
It is similar  to being in the dentist chair where we must remain quiet to allow the dentist to work in our mouth.  The mental quietness  during this period allows the spirits to decode the cerebral waves, and pass, after many attempts between the conscience and the subconscious of the medium, in order to anaesthetize the medium,  and for the medium to go into trance.  It is necessary  to give the spirit team, including the scientists of beyond,  the possibility to test several solutions.  It is far from being easy for them.  The medium may also feel small electric shocks from time to time, in particular in its spinal column. These electric shocks act like acupuncture, and makes it possible to restore the circulation of energies and certain corrections. 
62. To develop direct voice:  it is necessary that the medium fills up with energy.  With this intention, they should carry a broad copper medallion  on their chest, and will stand towards the sun (in the East early the morning), with naked feet, with their arms opened, the right hand towards North, and the left hand towards the South. The fingers are powerful captors of cosmic energy;   It is significant that the fingers of the right hand, which are directly connected to the heart through the meridian lines, are pointed towards the sun.  This is also valid  for the healers who need to recharge  themselves.  Remember that gold, silver and copper are conducting materials.  Gold acts positively on the auric body, while silver acts on the glands.  The spirit guides said that as the magnetic poles have moved , the West-East axis was more favourable. 
In everyday life, the front and back of the body ( where the vortex cones called chakras are)  of the physical mediums (and the healers) should always be in the West-East axis, whatever their activities (meditation, reading, television, meal, kitchen, ironing, do-it-yourself, painting, gymnastics or yoga,  etc.), and their bed (the frame must be preferably out of metal to put the body in an electromagnetic field) should also have the head in the West.  To face the West makes it possible to be recharged with  magnetism.  If it is impossible to face the West, then to face the East. In the axis North-South, the body  will discharge  its magnetism by its vortex cones (chakras) and weaken them.  In the West-east axis, the body is recharged and keep the medium in good health.   
63. For  the healers, during a  healing meeting, if the floor is not wooden then they should stand in bare feet on a copper plate, with their body facing West, while their patient will be in the North-South axis, facing North. 
64. To compensate for the loss in energy or ectoplasmic fluids in the meetings, it is recommended that mediums and the healers  take nettle (in drop or capsules in the health stores). 
65. The  scientific spirits put their medium in very deep trance in order to anaesthetize him  and in order to be able to extract the live substances to create the ectoplasm and to obtain physical phenomena under conditions of comfort and without causing the medium suffering.  
66. The spirits say that they need about thirty years to completely develop a physical medium. In addition,  it requires  a team of more than 300 spirits the various specialities  ( chemists,  physicists, biologists, doctors, others  mediums of who form the links...) to develop the medium. This length of time can be shorten, if the medium sits for his development at least twice a week. 
67. When the spirits want to use their medium for physical phenomena, the medium  feels hot.  On the other hand, when the spirits use their medium only for trance, the medium feels cold.  Certain spirits also use  the changes of temperature to announce their presence to their family.  One or two luminous flashs can appear near the medium, just before he begins to go in trance:  in fact, the spirits work on ambient energies in order to be able to anaesthetize the medium.  The more the medium is old and in bad health, the more this work of concentration of energies present in the room (coming from the other participants in particular) will be perceptible, thanks to the luminous flashs.  The person, who will have sat to 15-20 cm in the back of the medium in trance(in his auric field), risks also to be affected by the work on energies carried out by the team of spirits, and to enter into a lethargic state.   
68. If one would like to record the meeting, to use a recorder with minidisk or cassette powered by a battery, using an omnidirectional microphone. Avoid putting the equipment in the auric field of the medium,  by  placing the recorder and microphone at approximately two meters from the medium.  
69.   DEVELOPMENT OF THE MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP :  The persons who would like  to develop their mental mediumship must connect every day  with the spirit, during 15 minutes minimum, by any means (telepathically, automatic writing, meditation, etc.) as  the spirits work on their side to reinforce the communication.  They will need to join a group to benefit of more energy coming from the auric fields, so that the guides will be able to work more easily on them :  group of prayers or meditation group or  Kriya Yoga group, or mediumship development group or healing group. 
70. Moreover, those who want to develop their mental mediumship will be able to install a garland to the small coloured lights twinkling (yellow, green, blue... horizontally installed, the same colour by line);  this garland will have to be suspended on the wall above the head of their metal bed.  It is necessary that the more energetic and  "materialistic" colour, the red, is closer to the pillow (to 20 - 30 cm height)  The flickering will be started during half an hour before falling asleep, and turn out when one is ready to fall asleep.  It was confirmed by the neurologists, that the flashes of light continue to operate on the neurons, even when sleeping.  This equipment will stimulate the brain and will activate primarily the pineal gland.  In addition, the flashing coloured bulbs will provide chromo therapy and create the Ganzfeld effect, recognized to play a role in the development of the mediumship. If it is possible, it would also help to  place a  large copper plate under the bed. 
71.   DEVELOPMENT OF THE CLAIRAUDIENCE :  Jack Webber also required 
us to build a cone made from  light tinplate, with a plastic bobbin ( mounted on a pencil, each end is cut to a point, and mounted diametrically at the large end of the cone), on which there is approx 1000 turns of very fine copper. One end of the coil  is solder to the large end of the cone. To operate, one must place the small end opening at the ear to listen in the quietness of the room. The cone must also be  be connected to the ground. He also told us that this apparatus was used by mediums of his time,  to develop their clairaudience.  The reel of copper wire  forms a vortex inside the cone, similar to the seashells from where one hears " the noise of the ocean ".  It is necessary to practice, and practice, and practice so that the clairaudience develops more and more.   
The spirit Deva Bodhisattva (Buddhist  who lived in India, in the area of Maharabata, well before the Christian era) has confirmed the use of a tube in the shape of horn as one placed at the ear for the development  of clairaudience.   
72. In ancient times when there was no electricity, therefore no interferences, the Hindous mediums, during the spiritual meetings, sat down on copper stools.  The mediumship manifestation having  electrical  characteristic, copper acts as an accumulator and  conducteur/distributor of energy.  Apollonius of Tyana and Nostradamus  also used a conducting metal stool to sit down.  Copper was used as a  disinfectant, that enabled them to avoid the earthbound viruses.   
73.  DEVELOPMENT OF THE AUTOMATIC WRITING :  The candidates for the development of the automatic writing (beginners) should preferably sit down vis-a-vis the West (or vis-a-vis the East if one cannot sit down vis-a-vis the West) using a solid wooden table. 
Towards  22.00 hours (when the conscience starts to relax ,and one starts to feel tired),  put on the table, a copper  object such as : a coin, a copper vase with flowers, a copper bowl, a copper antenna in the form of PHI (the shape of " P"( make one yourself with thick copper wire, and placed it vertically on the table.)  Prepare a memo pad and a pen. Connect yourselves telepathically with a guide from beyond, and mentally invite the guide to join this exercise. Then close your eyes and proceed to a short five minutes passive meditation, by putting the conscience on the process of inspiration, following the course of the prana from the nostrils to the sinus until the coronal chakra, then on the expiry while following the opposite course of the air to the nostrils; think about  lowering the shoulders and of slackening their body completely, and release all the daily concerns and all the problems.  Open the eyes and wait to receive impulses or clairaudiences to write. It may be that the first few meetings you do not receive anything, except doodles; it is necessary to persevere and continue the meetings of automatic writing, in order to give the opportunity to the guides to work better on the energies, as for the other forms of mediumship.  To practice, practice, practice, it is the true secrecy here!   
(To be continued...)  Text submitted by Maryse Locke