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hope the following will help to reform some of the thinking patterns and help  
in your development... As usually for all the topics proposed on this website,   
if the informations do not resonate for you, leave them.  
SHIFT OF EARTH POLE AXIS - Spirit Communications  :  
Because on 30th November 2007, we have been told by our guides that there  
would be a wave of people moving in the secret place of the first Spiritist  
Christians  in the mountains of France, NOT NEAR THE SEA, and that we also,  
we would move in the heights,  on the foothills of these mountains in France,  
off course, I have been  trying to find where would be this "secret dwelling of  
the ancient spiritists", as even the name of these mountains has not been  
transmitted by the spirit speaker.  
I discovered that the Nazarene, Apollonius of Tyana, went in France in  
Vendex , but also in Switzerland in Geneva... 
Understanding that this would be because of some huge disaster involving  
the sea, probably created by the shift of Earth Pole axis, I have been  
searching  on Internet (The "World Wide Web" as the Spirits call it) some  
- Spirits who are more  in the know on what's going on...  
It seems that SUMMER 2008 will be the crucial date of some tremendous   
disaster... The axis of the pole has already moved of  5 degrees in the last  
decade, but it is forcasted that it will still  move of 10 degrees. 
Text submitted by Maryse LOCKE