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I hope the following will help to reform some of the thinking patterns and help  
in your development... As usually for all the topics proposed on this website,   
if the informations below do not resonate for you, leave them.  
An “ Unified Man ” is someone made oneness, someone who is “civilised ”,  
who has the control of himself, who is fully responsible of his deeds,  and  
who is not  destructive to his neighbour.  He is at "the Bird Stage of the Ego"  
(Air Element), which is the third stage of evolution  of human conscience.  
He is represented by the symbol of  a bird moving to the left side and facing  
the left side. We see only its profile. The Unified Man has an enlighted ego;   
he has kept his innocence and his humility.   
Unified man 
The four first levels of conscience evolution (there are nine levels...)  
These four symbols with their obvious connections to the four elements   
appeared to Maryse & John Locke, in the sky of Turck & Caïcos Island on the  
12th June 2001, at 17:00. They were in the same sequence as presented here,  
moving on the same line, from right to left  The phenomena lasted more than  
one minute, then the four symbols disappeared all at once !  Nothing else  
changed in the sky. Apparently, it was meant that this teaching in occult  
psychology would be transmitted to all.    
According to "THE LAW ONE",  to which  American medium Edgar Cayce   
referred quite often while in deep trance state -  a Law which existed in the far   
antiquity in Atlantis, in Egypt, in Mesopotamia, in Persia, in Asia  -  
"an  Unified Man ” is no longer living in the duality.  
He has no more  “ a double head ”,  has no more a double personality, a double life,   
is no more practising adultery or flirts with other partners,  someone who is fully  
responsible and respectful of the neighbours ;  someone  who has not two different   
languages, is no more sly or a liar. He is honest intellectually and morally, even   
behind  the back of people ; someone  who is living in the Truth for his self-esteem   
and his self-respect. He is of open mind and  open heart, in the  joy of life,   
the idealism  and the beauty, and does not allow  negative thoughts or negative   
emotions such as sadness, guilt, fear,  anger, greed, revenge, doubt,  pollute and   
bring disability to his Spirit. He seeks greater expression, greater consciousness   
and knows that negativity brings limitations upon his creativity.  
He lives according  to the Philosophy of Unification he upholds, and stays away   
from sterile controversies, scandals and "storms". His deeds are fruitful.    
This unification is obtain through PURIFICATION OF THE THOUGHTS in the   
mind, PURIFICATION OF THE MOUTH from insults, gossips, judgement and critics,   
only concerning Sex matters (no masturbations, pervert fantasms, other sexual   
perversions with children,  etc..) , but also  in any other circumstances, even in   
the middle of hostility and viciousness, under the insults, the provocations,   
the manipulations, the cruelty of the jealous persons and their slyness. He stays   
tactful and respectful.  
He may address the moral high values to the immature ones, understands their    
immaturity and does not judge them, does not critic them but  helps them, heals    
them, teaches them, nurtures their soul with patient kindness and softness. But    
like a Captain of a boat who has to survey the horizon, he stays on the "upper    
deck", he does not stay  in "the hold". He does not want to be influenced by    
negativity and by "storms"; he knows that  it is normal to protect himself and his     
private life,  to stay away of the mediocrity and of the cruelty; that it is natural to     
stay in isolation and calm to keep his serenity,  far  and safe  from the hurtful     
individuals. He knows that negative passions, negative  sexual deeds, hypocrisy,   
jealousy and violent attacks repulse  the Spirit Guides of  Higher Degrees.   
A fine life of genuine charity and of genuine  tolerance attracts  them.    
He  knows  how to use his COMMON SENSE and his FREEDOM; he is not the   
slave to anyone, and like the bird  he "stays flying in the light". He knows also   
about  the SAFETY he can benefit from a neutral peaceful and harmonious mind,   
as the brain will send signals then at a higher frequency, and the earthbound   
entities will not picked them up...   
Positive emotions are : kindness, love,  loving goodwill expectation, joy and   
celebration,  peace, devotion, dignity, perfection, affection, compassion,   
generosity, charity, warmth, cheerfulness,  sympathetic, joy of life,   
laughing,  peace, calm, innocence, understanding, respect, tolerance, honour,   
honesty, humility.   
To understand all the spiritual values of being a grown up with an Enlighted    
Unified Ego, and because the enlighted Unified Man will have to become the    
teacher of  the immature in order for these ones to change and grow up,  the    
Spirit Guides provide some teachings in occult psychology,  and make him see    
through a short period experience ( not too long a  period in order not to be  
influenced)  how those immature and jealous individuals  are behaving. It is a   
kind of occult training provided by the invisibles. He has  just  to observe and   
say nothing about the previous agreements with the Spirit Guides,   
as it is nobody's  business and the immatures would not understand :     
1) Individuals,  when still with an immature consciousness, have no honour;   
they are jealous, they like to control;  they  are lying, they are playing the victims  
on the expense of the others so that they can abuse them; they manipulate so  
that their victims feel  guilty  and have the  fear to speak even when they are being  
accused of false things (which is a subliminal way of censorship and subliminal  
moral abuse to destroy  people’s  balance). They deny the evidence and the  
objective facts. They are at "the Reptilian Stage of the Ego" (Earth Element) which  
is the first level of the human conscience. It is represented by the symbol of a green  
snake moving to the  left side and whose very active head is moving from left to  
right and vice versa, in search of who will hurt it . The green is the colour of jealousy.   
It is the stage of fear, control and aggression of all sorts of human predators  
and abusers. They are always searching who will hurt them, as the snakes do,  
and their brain  sends  waves at the same low frequency as the spirit reptiles of  
the low astral that  they attract because of their negative mentality.  
The reptilian brain of the jealous ones is very active and very stormy. They affirm   
that they have been the victim of many people in the past ; that everybody put   
them  down, and that they will be humiliate or hurt again, as soon as you are   
approaching  them. There we have to raise our red flag ! The worst is coming and   
they try to justify their future viciousness, their little crimes, in advance ! So many    
malicious stories they  pour on the head of innocents to justify themselves ! They  
dramatize on purpose the slightest  neutral comment of their victims.  No remorse,    
and never any apologize of course !  In their mind it is their victims who should   
apologize !     
They have the need to appear as "angels", but it has to be ON THE EXPENSE of   
theirs neighbours who are presented behind their back  as  monsters, as people   
with "abnormal hedgehog magnetic auric field", Of course, this one would not   
dare saying that  Spirits of  higher degrees have "abnormal hedgehog magnetic   
auric field" because they prefer to stay away from ugly negativity,  and  do not   
want to work with some spiritualist  mediums whose  mediumship is really badly   
altered by their feelings !  Jealousy is a terrible thing !  
At this stage, purification of all the range of very materialistic  anti-social    
behaviours has to be undertaken.  Unfortunately the conscience of these   
people is still in the obscurity, so they do not realise the terrible consequences   
of their deeds.  
2) Some a bit more evolved are narcissistic cheeky monkeys with a very very   
Huge Ego  and selfish, who have lost their path, who  try to attract and    
impress the naïves with their loud affirmations and  about their  pretended    
“generosity”,  their “humility”, their “spirituality”, their "great charisma",  their   
"greatest mediumship", their "greatest qualities", etc.  but it is only fluffy pink   
cloud hiding another reality : their moral poverty. Their Huge Ego blinds them !    
They don't see their own defaults. They are at "the Whale Stage of the Ego"   
(Water Element) which is the second stage of human evolution of the conscience.   
It is represented by the symbol of a huge Whale facing the left side. It has the white   
and black colours of duality, and swim toward the left side, in not very clear waters...    
If these people in the second stage are in some power situation, run a group or  
an  organisation, they will abuse of their position of power. They will try to set a cult    
of their personality,  and will invite people to join them in order to be their   
unconditional admirer slaves. They don't have really the intention to share, to teach    
or to develop this flock of naïves. The flock is invited but not welcomed !   
Their teachings are full of subliminal manipulations, control and moral abuses.    
They abuse of their power all the times and think that everybody are stupid  
and do not know what is in their mind, what is their hidden agenda. They hide    
many secrets.  
They will play the game of division, and will rule the flock under fear and guilt.    
They will mock the naïves that fell in their hand in order to hurt. They think   
they have the right of life and death on this flock of slaves, and will humiliate them   
in front of the crowd, will insult them, will oblige them to beg on their feet long   
time to obtain some things. They will lessen systematically the reputation of each   
member of the group behind their back, even if all the flock is granted of      
hypocritical professional smiles.  
These egocentric and selfish individuals want to be in position of monopoly and     
to be the only God or Goddess.  Some will not want to share their knowledge     
because they fear to have competitors running the same business. They will take       
credit of the discovery or work of these naïves, but because of their jealousy, they    
will try to push these naïves into a corner. They will try to get rid of those who    
are more brilliant than themselves.  In fact there is no place for the others.  They    
just want their selfgratification.  
There are positive emotions and there are negative emotions, but because of lack of   
humility and  wrong  patterns of thinking, everything is mixed up in their mind.    
They are not even able to follow the advice of their own guides.  They still have to   
purify themselves from a lot of materialistic attachments.      
Negative emotions are :  Fear, pettiness, sadness, cruel emotions, anger,   
nastyness, hatre, rage, anxiety, guilt,  bitterness, jealousy, maliciousness. These   
moods are too coarse and negative, and are lethal even for plants.  Ugly moods   
are real offence and drive the elementals of the nature away also...   
"The Charcoal  Stage of the Ego"  (Fire Element)  is  the  Fourth stage of      
human conscience evolution. It is represented by two pieces of black charcoal       
in the vague shape of two small black fishes both facing the left side.  It is when    
all the last materialistic attachments, wrong religious beliefs, wrong thinking    
patterns, duality, provocations, aggression, egocentrism, selfishness, and other    
defaults are totally "burned "  and that  the person has progressed and has no    
more need of religion, has a generous and genuine planetary consciousness.   
He feels an universal and unconditional love for ALL,  which "burns to ashes"    
all the barriers that put shade on the soul . The Truth set him free : he has no   
more secrets to hide and is totally "transparent".  He is in the enlightment,  in the   
light of the Truth, and knows about his extraterrestrial origin and that he is pure   
Spirit, a Cosmic Supreme being, a Universal and  Eternal one. The creativity of his Spirit   
has no  limitations, no inhibitions. At this stage, he receives a special training to   
become a Guide for missionary work in other dimensions.  
To conclude, we ALL have the responsibility to grow up and to become more      
civilised. It takes a lot of courage to make our own introspection, to face our own    
defaults, and to try to reform our old habits and patterns. But it is the only way to    
improve the quality of our spiritual life, to move from the dark age of Spirit into an   
age of Enlightment.