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 I hope the following will help to reform some of the thinking patterns and help  
in your development... As usually for all the topics proposed on this website,   
if the informations below do not resonate for you, leave them. 
 Generally speaking, the matter is making a V shape, from the moment when it is  
created in the etheric world, then it descends down in the astral world, then it  
descends down to the material world. Then it begins again its ascension up in  
the astral world, then up in the Etheric world… In the matter evolution, its  
consciousness evolves too.    
          evolution (1)                                       evolution 
To see diagrams of  the Spirit Evolution Levels  click here 
For example : Energy in its etheric state can be photons. Energy in its more dense  
state can be gaz. The nearer the energy is from the material plane, the more dense  
it form becomes : for example the electricity and the magnetism, near the Earth,  
are more materialistic energy. Then this energy evolves in the mineral kingdom   
with its own conciousness. Then it evolves in  the plant kingdom with its own  
consciousness, then it  moves in the animal kingdom, then in the human kingdom.   
The creatures and elementals move then in the astral plane, then up in the spirit  
etheric kingdoms,...  
The plant's consciousness is for example to bring us healing through the plant  
medicine, and to remind us the love of the creator and the beauty;as the flower  
opens, the plant shows us its gratitude and love for its care and nurturing.  
Animals teach us unconditional love, balance and harmony.  
Every kingdom exists in the etheric and then in the astral before to appear on   
The consciousness of the stone has attained its most evolved state when it has  
become a diamond. A plant can also have very basic qualities and many defaults  
at the beginning of its evolution. And thanks to the elementals who are taking  
care  of the nature, and to some spirit esoteric gardeners, and some esoteric  
gardeners  living on the Earth too, this plants can evolve along the centuries to its  
best qualities. 
The esoteric gardener, in order to create the plant’s evolution and to get some   
new qualities and get rid of some defaults, will put the plant on diet in order to  
create a shock, a state of crisis. In the mean time he will survey carefully that the  
plant will not die. Then slowly and slowly he will feed the plant again, but this time  
he will feed it with very special nutriments that he has chosen carefully, in order to  
obtain the qualities he is looking for. In order to find their foods, the plants, as the  
animals, will always need the humans. The more evolved consciences  must help  
the less evolved.    
One day, the soul that has made its thousand year peregrinations in the body of  
animals, will prepare itself in the etheric plane to occupy for the first time a baby  
human body. This new human conscience will stand on his two feet, but will still  
have the basic survival consciousness of a horse for example. He will not realise  
that his conscience is at a  basic stage of the human kingdom. He will think that  
every body is like him, with the same thinking patterns (in this moment, there is a  
wave of  souls who have reincarnated  on Earth in human bodies, who have the  
appearance of humans, but are very bestial). 
For the human kingdom, it is the same. Some guides (our "esoteric gardeners")  
are helping us to get rid of our defaults through "shocks", through "crisis",   
through "diets" and through "plateaus".  They help us to reform some of our  
thinking patterns. To develop our awareness, our consciousness until its best  
state, its maturity stage, it takes many thousands of years ! On each reincarnation,  
we have to work on some aspects of our personality, get rid of more defaults, and  
acquire more qualities. We have the responsibility to grow up and become more  
civilised. We have to take out the horns from our heart,  and become open minded  
and open hearted.  
At every stage of human’s evolution or at each reincarnation, the danger is the   
Ego and any degree of  its narcissism. If the person is self-satisfied, why would  
she/he try to change ? The person will have to learn also to be true, to stop the   
manipulations and the lies, the duplicity, the adulterous or flirting situations with  
other partners,  and drop all the masks and curtains of illusions of pretender. In  
the spirit world, impossible to hide one’s thoughts or emotions behind a face or  
a mask, everybody know what each one is thinking, so it is better to learn to be  
true and frank from the Earth ! 
The maturity stage of our human Conscience is when the person is no more  
destructive, no more selfish, and is totally aware of his responsibility in the middle  
of the community. When the person is fully responsible of his/her  actions, and  
is the protector of his/her neighbours, and help the less evolved (the plants, the  
animals, the children, the adults, the Earth, the planets, ...). The person, then,  
develops a generous and genuine planetary consciousness. 
In its ascension phase, in the various etheric dimensions or etherical planes,  the  
soul or conscience of the humans has to lose more and more all the  materialistic  
attachments in order to change of planes and go in the higher spheres  where the  
souls with higher degrees of conscience are living. A sphere is a plane of living,  
an etheric parallel dimension with all its normal social organisation.   
The Earth is a melting pot where ALL the levels of conscience are mixed together :  
the positives, the negatives,… In the spirit world, the spirits with the same degree  
of conscience evolution are living on the same plane ;  so they live in more  
harmonious atmosphere.