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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEXT: The information or advice that I write on this Site have been taken from my own experience, or from my own knowledge/research. These texts are offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgement in utilising  this material. If something rings true to you, fine! If something does not resonate, please, leave it alone!  
    I have attended different trance mediumship seminars in England (Cawston College in Norfolk which is closed now,  The SAGB  of London with the English medium Muriel Tennant,...) and trained myself many years, mixing everything in my misunderstanding of the different types of mediumship !  In fact,  each type of mediumship are developed through different process.  So,  I would like to share this information with you,  and more tips too.    

1) Cabinet and sitting in full dark once or twice a week, with as many sitters as possible to be the battery (6 to 8 sitters minimum;  this would need to continue for few years in full dark until the phenomena were fully developed), this arrangement is only for physical mediumship : for developing physical phenomena (levitation, materialisation or dematerialisation, …).  If the trust, peace & harmony is not among the sitters, forget it !   You will not develop anything in such a circle. Sometimes, you may find that the medium is a selfish person and a pretender, and will not consider the other sitters. The medium will want to develop himself.

  Usually this type of medium does not share his/her knowledge, even if he pretends to act in a cordial manor towards everybody.  He/she will want to be the only One to develop and to be admired... and he/she  will not accept any competitor.   

2) Kriya Yoga techniques are for mental mediumship : in dim or normal light,  bending the head to a lower position than the heart, hyperventilations while breathing, massage techniques for the psychic acupuncture points on the toes and legs.  Transcendental meditation - with the eyes open and unfocused whilst looking a little bit over the horizon. 

 Meditation - eyes closed with the consciousness focused on the third eye or on the fontanel  :  the crown chakra, while the eyes are revolved in the top even with the eyes closed and the eye brows lifted up, exercises with the eyes (forming a loop with horizontal 8 shape, or rolling the eyes 21 times in a clockwise then anticlockwise direction....) etc...   

3) Open circle (in a Spiritualist Church for example, or in a school, or in a Home Circle), called also "Development Circle", in dim or normal light,   with psychometry,  colour exercices, or for intuition and clairvoyance development exercises, is for mental mediumship.   

4) Trance mediumship (Channeling) :  In dim or normal light.  This is better developed at home.   

4.1 - The spirit "Red Cloud" to whom I said I felt frustrated because I couldn't succeed at trance, answered  to me :  "It is normal!  All the students make the same mistake.  When they should talk during each meditation, they stay mute!  Lady, you have to know that we need to analyse you with our scientific equipment (equipment which are invisible to the human eyes) .  We need to know the pulses of your brain whilst you're in a meditative state in order to understand your neurones.  

This will allow us to pass between your consciousness and your subconsciousness, to activate your alpha, beta and gama waves and later on to anaesthetize you.  We also need to understand the functioning of your vocal chords. If you don't talk, we can't analyse your throat with our equipment so that later on WE are able to use your throat to talk through you".     

Usually, every morning after breakfast whilst still in my pyjamas, I do my training for trance mediumship development. I sit in the same heavy armchair situated against a picture window, with the natural light of the sun in my back. I take off my shoes and any metal objects I might be wearing (bracelet, ring, watch etc...).  If you have no one who can sit with you, EVERY DAY,  no problem !  Use the 'St Paul' CD and add my following recommendations to St Paul’s CD :    - You first say: "I give my body to Spirit".  Then you repeat three or four times: "Spirit come closer !".  Encourage the spirit to link with you stronger and stronger.    - Take some deep and very long breaths (6 or 7 breaths) with the mouth half open as you are inhaling and exhaling  as through a straw.  

Make a very quick visualisation : that you go up and up in the sky, up and up in the clouds, you over the top of them, and continue to climb up to the milky way, to heaven...  until a garden where the spirits are.  You will see them, and you will talk with them.    Make a little recording that you will use from time to time just before  'St Paul' CD :  On this recording, tell yourself to count down from 30 to 1.  

You say: "each time I count down from 30 to 1,  X…… (pronounce your first name) 's  consciousness will go more and more quickly into trance; X…… will be more and more relaxed, more and more at peace.  When I reach number one, X…… will be totally in deep trance. I begin to count now :    30 : X……is relaxed now; his/her nerves and muscles are relaxed.  All his/her body is relaxed.  29 : X……is in peace now ; his/her consciousness goes deeper and deeper.    28 : X……is in trance now ; his/her consciousness continues to go down.  27 : X……is in peace now ; he/she hears from afar because he/she is more and more in deep trance.  26 : X……is in trance.  25 : More and more in trance.  24 : etc....    ...  1 : "X…… is totally in deep trance".    Now, you begin to talk, your eyes still closed. You try to hear a word from the guides in your mind, and you begin to give any inspirational talk about this word.    When you talk, you talk on the first person as if it is the spirit who is talking directly, so you say : "I am the spirit Peter, or Paul, or Amelie, talking to you today, and I am ... etc. etc.".  The spirits will change very often, just give the name that you feel he/she is that day. Your voice must be very audible, so be careful to talk loudly. You can describe the garden where the spirits are. You can describe their clothes, how many there are, the sex and so on. You can try to hear what the spirits say, and repeat each word you think you hear.  If you have nothing to say, sing a kid song (like the song "Brother Jack, ..." with your own words), invent the words as if there was a message to transmit through the words of this song.

The objective is to talk for as long as you possibly can (up to one hour if possible).     You can give an inspirational talk extempore (without preparation, without analyzing or thinking) on the following subjects :   - The Importance of Developing Mediumship, or  - The Continued Need for Survival Evidence, or  - The healing Implications of Evidential Mediumship, or  - Two worlds Become One, or  - The importance of Circle Work, or  - What is Effective Mediumship?       

4.2 Otherwise you need only one or two other people : your husband and if possible (but not absolutely necessary) another person that you feel relaxed with and who will not be judgmental. It does not need to be dark. It does not need any music.

The home is the most peaceful place, where you will feel relaxed, even if the situation seems ridiculous at the beginning. You have to tell your two sitters that for a long time, your consciousness will make distortions in the messages. You have to tell them that your consciousness will be involved in the process at the beginning up to 90%, then at 80%, then at 70%, etc. So teach them :

    a) Do not  ask questions that are too specific, such as: Who is the spirit ? Where he comes from ? Where did he live ?  In which century ? When did he die ?  etc...

     b) Do not  check the reality or the accuracy of the information given. They just have to be tactful, to be encouraging the spirits to speak. No mockery, no nasty comments or sniggers about what the spirits said, even if they are making silly childish jokes,  about the level of the spirits etc. They must not show if/that they are skeptical.

 You will have your own doubts to overcome and to learn to be trustful and speak fluently and without shyness.    If your two partners want to develop their trance channeling too, then you make a shift.  Each one, when it is his/her turn should sit and should relax doing mentally their own count down from 30 to 1 giving themselves the mental suggestions to be in deep  trance,  for few minutes with their eyes closed, and then go on to speak for 5 - 10 minutes still with their eyes closed.    

 During the Victorian era, a magnetizer would work with the trainee. The student would lie on a healing table ; the magnetizer  would place his two hands very firmly on the lower part of the students' stomach (Solar plexus) for 1 - 2 minutes,  this would give extra energy to the student who was trying to develop for trance. Then he would apply pressure with his thumb on the third eye, and the other 4 fingers reaching the crown chakra of the student for 1 - 2 minutes. He would then return to his first position, with his two hands strongly applied on the solar plexus and pushing a bit toward the top. While the magnetizer was giving his magnetic fluid, the student was closing his eyes gradually, relaxing,  and was mentally counting in reverse from 30 to 1, giving himself the mental suggestions I explained in the beginning of this paragraph.     The student would then begin to talk repeating what he was hearing or seeing. The magnetizer would encourage the spirits to talk through the trainee, asking questions.

Sometimes, at the beginning of the training, if the situation seemed a bit blocked,  the magnetizer would try to provoke a shift, and  would say that he comes in the landscape too, holding the hand of the student, and then he would ask to the trainee what is going on, what he sees or hears.    

Sometimes also, the spirits  will make a joke that the student will hear, and while he will laugh at it, the vibrations will raise, the student will forget himself,  enabling the spirits to step in and to overcome the control of the student's consciousness. The sitters must not be upset about these laughs, or these jokes, there is never any vexation or any humiliation meant. The guides are never malicious,  they are subtle...

To complete the process and have a stronger link with the guides, also try to practice automatic writing from time to time at home ; use a pencil without any metal on the end, and a dim light in the room. Sit few minutes with the eyes closed, and make your own counting in reverse from 30 to 1.  Invite the guide to come closer, more and more closer,  and to communicate through the automatic writing.  

When you feel ready and fully relaxed, open your eyes if you wish, and write extempore what you hear, without analysing if it is logical or not, without correcting the mispellings. Just stay with a passive mind. Don’t worry if during the first sessions, your writings are only scribbles. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep practicing.     You can buy the guided meditation of St Paul  (the same St Paul of Tarsus in the Bible, i.e. Apollonius of Tyana) on the following site :  http://www.raybrownhealing.com/order.html   Healing/Meditation CD - £10.00 (P&P £1.00 each)   Side One: Guided Meditation with Paul.   Side Two: Music for Healing and Relaxation.      

Text Submitted by Maryse Locke