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Joint Experimental Sessions on DRV and ITC (Video Images)
in Grosseto, Italy  29th and 30th April 2005
Attendees:- Marcello and Marina Bacci, Dr. Emanuel Toriello, Dr. Robin Foy, Dr. Adrian Klein, Dr, Amerigo Festa, Dr. Alex Zampieri, John and Maryse Locke.  
These experimental sessions took place in the Marcello Bacci's Psychophonic Centre in Grosseto, and was kindly hosted by Marcello and Marina Bacci. Attendees included all those above, in addition to a selected public audience (about 18 people).  
On the 29th April 2005, the evening was dedicated to DRV ( Direct Radio Voice) with Marcello talking directly to the spirit entities through his old Fidelio radio. The session lasted just under 22 minutes, we had 20 specific contacts, during which time we received loud and clear voices in Italian, French and English addressing the attendees in their respective languages . The convincing evidence again demonstrated the consistency that many other reports have published regarding Bacci's DRV results.  
On the 30th April 2005, the evening was a joint experimental session of DRV with Marcello Bacci and ITC image video with Maryse and John Locke. The results of the DRV session were similar to the previous evening, for this reason we will not report further on this specific DRV session. The ITC ( video image ) session was made at the same time as the DRV, and enabled us to take five video recordings ( all about 10 seconds in length). The results can be seen in the images below. More of Maryse and John's work can be found on their website    
Grosetto 1
Grosetto 2
Marcello and Marina at the radio
John demonstrating Video Image