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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEXT: The information or advice that I write on this Site have been taken from my own experience, or from my own knowledge/research. These texts are offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgement in utilising  this material. If something rings true to you, fine! If something does not resonate, please, leave it alone!  
There are some dangers to the deep trance, but nothing that can't be trained, or disciplined for, and avoided when you know what they are, and are well prepared. These teachings I transmit to you will help you to find ways to make the relationship with your spirit teachers that are comfortable and safe.
If you live correctly, if you are on the path of your realisation with God, and keep your commitments with him, what ever happens in your live, good or worse, and if you have the help of your guide to get rid of the from-low-astral entities, who are not different from the "junk people" we can meet sometimes on this plane of live, all these are true, as far as it goes. But, you must also add, to that list, practices and disciplines. There are a few that I believe, are indispensable, and I'll share them with you here.  
Before you "leave" your body, you must be able to be fully "in" your body, and recognize the difference... So...spend some time - every day for about 1 week - on this exercise (if you are not already doing it):
Put your feet FLAT on the GROUND. Close your eyes. FOCUS your attention ON your BREATHING for a bit , resting into your breath, and LET YOUR BODY DEEPLY RELAX, and your MIND QUIET. Turn your attention to the bottoms of your feet. Stretch them, toes up and then relaxed against the floor, to open the "bubbling wells" (the chakras at the bottom of the feet), and begin to GROW ROOTS deep into the Earth. When you have roots well established, let the earth energy begin to bubble up through the roots and into your feet. You can feel this happening - it always reminds me of an artisan well, though other people feel it as they were turning on an electric light, or others as if they were sipping up from a straw. You don't need to make the energy flow into you - only to watch it as you ask it to. Watch the energy flow-UP your legs, circle around your knees and fill your thighs and pull into the 1st CHAKRA. On your next breath, allow the ENERGY to begin to RISE, filling the 2nd CHAKRA, the 3rd and the 4th (heart). Take a moment, and close the 7th CROWN CHAKRA, so that you STAY IN your body, as the energy rises (You can do this mentally, though it is usually a good idea to put your hand on the top of your head, and close the door when you are first learning - the physical cue is very good to begin with). Then, be aware as the energy fills clear up to your shoulders, and down your arms and hands, then fills the 5th CHAKRA, and feel it as it rises, and fills your face, the back of your head clear to the 6th CHAKRA (third eye), and rises to the 7th. Let the energy (not you) fountain out of the crown (7th chakra), and flow back down into the Earth, so you are now filled and surrounded by this Earth energy. This is YOUR AURA! Take a few moment and explore it. Sense the outer edges of your Aura. Is your field thick, thin, full, wispy? what colors are you sensing? what texture. FILL YOUR FIELD full, and EXTEND YOUR AURA for about 12" (30 cms) or so - be sure that you can still feel the edges of it. To extend your Aura, you just have to think that each time you exhale, you fill it with your breath, and it's inflating/growing like a balloon, around you, in the room. Now withdraw you Aura; see if you can get it to come down below the surface of your skin. How does that feel? Relax, and let your Aura take its own size now. Very gently, open your eyes, and look around, trying to stay in awareness of your Aura. You are now grounded, centered and full.
You should do this exercise every time you begin to work. It is also a great exercise to do before you go to work, or while you are working - anytime. You are always "better" in whatever you are doing, when you are fully in your body, and energy full. I was taught that "the biggest aura wins", so any time you are energy full, grounded and centered, you are in a better position to deal with whatever situation you are in. It is a MUST, if you are going to be trancing spirit.  
Your Gatekeeper is a spirit being, with whom you have some kind of past relationship, who agreed, before you came into body, to be your Gatekeeper. Its primary job is to maintain the connection between your soul/spirit and your body. Some say it guards the silver cord.
This is the exercise for meeting your Gatekeeper. I suggest that you do this daily for a minimum of one week before you begin to leave your body, or to ask a spirit teacher in:
Ground, center, breath, relax, fill and extend your Aura (as in the exercise above). Keep you eyes closed. When you are full, mentally say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please come and stand about 6" (15 cms) behind me". Then, FEEL the presence of the Gatekeeper, whose energy field will not be the same as yours. This is often very strongly felt, and sometime, very subtle, so you may have to pay close attention. Now, mentally say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please come and stand directly behind me, in the protective stance". You will be able to feel that energy come closer, into your aura, and with some little practice, you will be able to tell what the Gatekeeper's protective stance is. (Some, like mine, puts its arms out to your side, and kind of wrap you. Some put their hands on your shoulders).

Now, mentally say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please move on the left side of me". You will be able to feel it move. Say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please move on the right side of me". Say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please come and stand in front of me". At this point, you may be able to see/sense some information about the Gatekeeper: sex, height, size, clothing, color, etc... Give yourself a few moment to do this. Say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please move to the back of me into the protective stance". Say: "Beloved Gatekeeper, please move back about 12" ( 30cms) behind me". Say: "Thank you Beloved Gatekeeper for doing this exercise with me".
Your Gatekeeper will let you know when it is safe or not safe to trance. You will also give it directions as to what spirits may, or may not come into your body, and when. DO NOT leave it up to the Gatekeeper to decide WHO is safe for you to channel. You will meet up with Teachers and Guides, then decide for yourself and inform your Gatekeeper! The choice is YOUR responsibility - the keeping of the gate (your Aura is the gate) is the Gatekeeper's.
All along these exercises, just be sure you deepen your relaxation and don't try to put your curiosity on what is going on in the room (noise, movement, or what ever...), because as long as you keep curious, you will not be able to let it go, and enter in trance. 
There a couple of versions of this. Once the first practice is done (see Part 1), you will need to do these exercises with a partner.  
Keep your eyes closed,  
a. Ground, Center, Deep Breath and Deepen the Relaxation, Extend your aura (see Part 1) b. Call in your Gatekeeper (let him enter in your auric field, and approach you, and ensure yourself that you feel him, that he is near you, with his protective stance) , and say that you are going to practice "leaving your body and returning", and that no one and nothing is to be in your body while you are gone. Check to make sure that this is a "safe time and place". c. Starting at the first Chakra, begin to « pull up » or « draw up » your self. It’s almost like rolling up a rug. It is easiest to do on your breath. Each exhale, pull upward, out of the chakra. Do this for each chakra. At the heart , be sure to reach up and « OPEN » YOUR CROWN, and continue until you lift out of your crown chakra. d. HOVER just ABOVE your CROWN CHAKRA for a few moment. e. On your breath, return to your body, coming down and filling each chakra, center by center - seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and continue on down to make sure you are fully in your feet. f. Repeat steps c, d, and e, two or three more times.
. Keep your eyes closed,  
. Do the above exercises, steps a, b, and c. Sometimes, during the process of step c, have your partner put his/her hand about 3 » (7.5cms) above your crown chakra. When your partner feels you are pushing against his/her hand, he/she can move it suddenly – you will feel yourself kind of « pop » up and out, when the way is clear. Finish the exercise, steps d and e. Do this exercise two or three times. Change partners.
With your partner sitting directly opposite you, his/her hands on your knees, (you will fly, and the partner will « push »).  
. Keep your eyes closed. . Both of you do steps a and b. . Then, you do step c; as you do it, your partner will "push" you up, and out by directing energy through your knees, and up the core of your body. When you are out, HOVER for a bit, then return (steps d & e).You can do this two or three times, then change partners, so you are "pushing", and your partner is flying.
Do this set of exercises for about 7 days or so.
Second Version  
Our Egyptian guide's Flight Exercises:  
Keep your eyes closed,  
Do your warm-ups - Ground, Deep Breath, Deepen the Relaxation, Center, , Fill, Extend your Aura (see Part 1), call in the Gatekeeper, and do one of the flight exercises from last week. This time, before you leave, decide on a place you want to go, BE SURE YOU STAY IN THE ROOM FOR NOW. When you lift out, go to the corner, or the place you choose. Stay there for a few moments. If you are able, look at that place, see it and smell it, and learn about it. Now return to your body fully (steps d & e). Our Egyptian guide's Flight:
Keep your eyes closed. Your and your partner will sit on the floor, braced against a wall is best, one in front of the other - like spoons - your back against his/her front. The back partner will need have spread legs, so you can snuggle in - you must be touching your back to his/her front. The person in FRONT flies as a "passenger", the person in BACK is the "leader". Ground, Deep Breath, Deepen the Relaxation, Center, Fill, Extend your Aura, Call in the Gatekeeper (see Part 1). Take a few easy breaths together. THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS ARE FOR THE "LEADER" - The person in back: As you begin to breath deeply, push the energy OUT from your 1st chakra, through the 1st chakra of your partner, EXTENDING the energy BEYOND the partner's body. Pull the energy BACK IN through the 2nd chakra, through the partner, and through yours. Push the energy OUT your 3rd chakra, and OUT through your partners 3rd chakra. Pull the energy BACK IN through the partner's 4th chakra, and then BACK INTO and through your 4th chakra. Push the energy OUT through your fifth chakra, and then OUT through the partner's 5th chakra. Pull the energy IN through the partner's 6th chakra, and IN and through your 6th chakra. LIFT the both of you UP and OUT the 7th chakra. Both of you go to a corner of the room. Stay there a bit. Return to your bodies, you leading, by coming INTO the 7th chakra and settling into each chakra straight down. Be sure to be fully into your body, clear into your feet. This process is like a ribbon weaving in and out of the chakras. The "ENERGY" IS YOU.
I find this to be a wonderful and easy way to leave when I do this work. I do this process for myself when I'm alone. It only requires a partner when you are learning!
Do this exercise one more time.  
Change places, so you are now in front, and your partner is in back, and you now are the "rider", and your partner is the "leader".
Practice this flight exercise for one week - 7 days.  
Keep your eyes closed, do the preliminary exercises:  
Ground, Center, Deep Breath and Deepen the Relaxation, Fill your field with energy, Extend your aura (see Part 1) Call in your Gatekeeper (let him enter in your auric field, and approach you, and ensure yourself that you feel him, that he is near you, with his protective stance). Practice your "Flight" exercises 2 or 3 times, until you are comfortable (see Part 2)  
Tell your Gatekeeper that you wish to work with a Teacher or Guide. YOU WILL STAY IN YOUR BODY FOR THIS. Ask that a Teacher or guide come and approach you FROM THE FRONT. Feel the it's energy - just like you did when meeting the Gatekeeper. Tell your Teacher or Guide that you want to share space with it, and request that it come into your body through your CROWN CHAKRA (BE SURE to tell it to use the CROWN CHAKRA - not the heart)
Ask the Teacher or Guide to move to the right side IN your body, and feel the difference - it is very cool to feel your own Aura on the left, and the Teacher or Guide's Aura on the right! Ask the Teacher or Guide to move to the left side in your body and feel the movement and the difference between the two of you. Ask the Teacher or Guide to move to the back part of your body, feel the movement, and the difference.

Ask the Teacher or Guide to move to the front part of your body, feel the movement, and the difference. You may ask your Teacher or Guide something about itself - name, sex, - something simple and that will have a short answer. Thank your Teacher or Guide for working with you in this way. Make an appointment to work again the next day.

Ask your Teacher or Guide to leave your body gently, through the CROWN CHAKRA. Do this exercise two or three times in a single session. It is important that you learn to recognize the Teacher or Guide that comes to you by its ENERGY FIELD. It is nice to have a name or title, but it is by the energy field that you will always recognize it.

Once you recognize the field, you can then call on this Teacher each time by name or description.  
Once you know your Teacher or Guide really well, you will then begin to leave your body, and have the Teacher or Guide actually take over
Lots of luck and lots of light.  
Submitted by Maryse Locke