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Click Image below to see result  and below the image underneath you 
will find the techniques for EVP


Recommended Equipment for EVP 

1 - Cassette recorder Phillips AQ 6455 (Allows variation of playback speed) with battery. Electrical equipment should be avoided because of the interferences. 
2 - Ominidirectional Microphone  (Sony, Panasonic, König MV3,...). Very cheap devices can be found on :
3 - Good Headphones — or connect to amplifier/speakers 
4 - Softwares :  
    . Cool Edit no longer available, Recommend you use Audacity 
       see http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ It is free and excellent.
5 - Harmonic Generators  ultra sonic frequencies
      FG3 II et FG 5 + 
      Microphone MV3  
      Email de Hans Otto König (take the XXX out) :   
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
6 - Anti-animal, mosquitoes — Ultrasonic generator

7 - Electronic Thermometer :    Useful to find the coolest place ( vortex) in your room; also useful for detecting entity activity in your room. In any house or flat or room, there is a VORTEX : it is the coolest place of the habitat. The Japanese say that "it is the place where the ghost lives". This VORTEX is a "gate" between the different dimensions; it is the door where materializations et other physical phenomena can take place easily.   

8 - Magnetic and Electric field detector :   Detection of high levels of magnetic or electric energy create by presence  of Spirit. 
9 - Quartz Crystal. Crystals are placed either side of cassette recorder during the recording.  

10 - Radio Interference and white noise.  Used to support spirit energy. Normally set at a low volume to avoid  obliteration of voices  

11 - Germanium detector.  Used by Scole group for direct discussion with Spirit. Detector is home    made, if you would like more details please contact Maryse  and John Locke. 

12 - EVP Detector. This device replaces  the diode concept used by Raudive and connects to your recorder in of the microphone. For more details contact Mr R. Witfield - New Age Electronics,  42 Greenwood, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15  2EB  UK - Tel 01289 304352.

Other Advice on EVP 
1 - Where to put your cassette recorder : 
 Find the coolest place in the room, using an electronic thermometer (see item nr 7 on top, about the VORTEX).   

- If not available then,  Use an insulated picnic box, put ice cubes in a plastic sac ( well sealed) into the box, and place the recorder in the box on top of the ice. 

2 - The voices are generally weak and mixed with the white noise 
background. You need to listen very carefully to the cassette several 
times. The Software Cool Edit ( or similar) can be of great assistance in identifying the voices  by reducing the noise, slowing down the 
playback and increasing volume 

3 - Patience is the key factor. Prepare for your EVP session : 
Meditate 15 minutes before the start of recording 
Think of the people that you would like to communicate with during 
this 15 minutes of meditation. 
After meditation, Start a short recording ( 5 _ 10 Mins max, 
After each question, leave an interval of silence of 15 seconds.  
The Spirits normally respond to your question just after you have asked the question. Try several times to listen to the recording until your ears   become adapted. 
In any case, one has to persevere as you may not receive  any  response the first time. 

4 -  Mobiles phones and computers operating with electricity create  important  interferences. Please, check that the attendees have switched these devices off. 

5 - Switch off all the large lamps, a small blue lamp (15-25 watt incandescent ) is acceptable , it must be located away from the recorder. 
6 - If for some raison, electrical devices are part of your configuration, try to keep the cables suspended; they must not lay on the floor because of the "earth" phenomenon. Try not to move the equipment all the time. the experimental room should stay untouched, without any object or furniture moved without your authorisation. So, keep the experimental room closed after the session, and don't let people enter in it during your absence. Spirits need safe conditions in order to create more phenomena. 
7 - These experiments are part of physical mediumship; a large number of attendees used as "battery" in an harmonious atmosphere, and with their positive mentality focused on the equipment and on the experiment, this  is the necessary condition to obtain audible voices. These attendees should stand or sit around the experimenter and the devices, at the nearest distance as possible. The German researcher Hans Otto König experiments with  a large assembly of 30 to 60 people. Same for the researcher Marcello Bacci. Spirits are using the attendees' energy. 
8 - The experimenter should wear loose clothing and under-clothes, in order to let the energy circulate freely and be used by the spirits during the experiment. Same recommendation applies for the attendees. 
9 - Never heat the experimental room, even in winter. Spirits need the cold to work on the particles, in order to slow some of them down, specially to obtain synchronisation with our laws of physics, and to create physical phenomena (see item 7 on top, about the VORTEX). Moreover, all the poltergheist testimonies refer to Autumn or winter periods (from September to March-April) or to high mountains where the meteorological conditions are cold and dry and more favourable. The Englist spiritualists never heat their séance room when they sit in order to develop objectif transcendental phenomena.  
Read below the comments of the Finnish scientist Prof. Alex Kaivarainen, about the cold : 
Prof. A. Kaivarainen (Fin) comments:**Thanks, Martti for interesting site:
I think, Maryse and John LOCKE are right.Higher temperature, water vapors, EM noise should spoil the images due to increasing the thermal chaotic air molecules motion. The same situation is with ghosts

I think that the images, and sounds are the consequences of special properties of Virtual Replicas (VR) in Bivacuum. For example, the increasing of dielectric permeability of vacuum in VR volume, may decrease the threshold of molecules ionization and increase the probability of molecules excitation.
It is a reason, why the VR became visible.
For the other hand, the acoustic waves represent nothing more, than coherent oscillation of air density and pressure. The temperature increasing surely increases the decoherence of acoustic waves. The Virtual Guides,introduced in my theory, formed between coherent elementary particles (electrons, protons, neutrons) in composition of molecules, may influence their kinetic energy, i.e. temperature of air.