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Spirits are long term chess players, orchestrating universal projects centuries ahead. Some of their mediums and sitters were aware of these projects many years before their apparition in the society. We can imagine the global means of communication, « Internet », was planned centuries ahead.

Internet is flying now over the planet like a Royal Phoenix with open wings. The Ash of the Twin Towers has given birth to a new shift of consciousness. The horrendous lies of selfish huge egos, with their very low mentality, digging tunnels in the dark basement of the Twin Towers for their self-aggrandisement, has created a big shock. How just a little group of individuals in power position can create such huge amount of harm and suffer on millions of people and in many countries? People do not tolerate CONTROL and MANIPULATIONS any more. People do not want their life to be dictated any more. People want to take their destiny in hand.

During World War II, spirit guide WHITE RAY, using the French trance medium Paulette AUSTEN (married to the editor A.W. Austen – « The Philosophy of White Ray ») , was already talking about the concept of Forums, Networks, Councils of exchanges, about ONENESS (solidarity) and about DEVELOPING A GENEROUS PLANETARIAN SENSE OF COMMUNITY. He said for example « It is not right that one group should continually intermarry for that would create in your world a rather insular attitude towards all the other groups of the same country. It is bad enough that different nations should look at each other in this way. This was not meant by the Great Spirit. It was meant that each family should mix with others, should see a different view of life and thus have broader views of the world, of beauty and of life generally. »

The Japanese spirit Matsuo Bashô (1644 – 1694) talked to us too, in 2003, about the creation of the GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT. He also talked to my husband and me, in a very private séance, about the creation of on a worldwide scale of « Pyramids of light and honesty ».

I copy below the discussion with WHITE RAY (Page 126 to 128):


QUESTION: “Is the true and positive solution of the economic and social world problem not strictly connected with the evolution of all men (i.e., universal brotherhood); or is it possible, nowadays, to introduce and establish economical and social order and justice in all the world by A NEW and IMPROVED TECHNICAL SYSTEM?”

WHITE RAY: “It is possible to ease the political and economic situation in your world with the different systems that you have now. It is difficult, though, without improvement of the human mind, to create a system with sure and strong foundations. You see the minds of men at present are in turmoil. There is MISTRUST, there is FEAR, and there is WANT. How can one nation exist and prosper while another would starve and have strife?

If all of you lived in one house and two or three cared for the house, but the others did not, the house would soon be a crumbling thing, because two or three took care of their part, while the others were careless about theirs and never tried to come to an understanding.

You would say, « Let us be kind and do all we can for our brothers. » That is necessary, Yes. But do not forget that WHILE BEING KIND, YOU MUST BE FIRM TOO. You must understand before you work for the foundation of the ideal system that there is no possibility without he co-operation of others, and there is no possibility if there is SO MUCH RIVALRY.

You come from different parts of the world; your mentalities are different, your thoughts and your aspirations. You all have a sense of beauty — but what one thinks is beauty, the other will not like. You have to learn TOLERANCE, and yet tolerance does not mean you must give up all your own likings and interests. It is rather the realisation that you have your own knowledge, and everyone else has knowledge, too.

You create states in your world. You have men who are ready to enforce the laws of those states. That is good if it is good law; especially if it is an understood law — for few men will break a law which they understand and respect; they must have the law explained to them while they are children.

Do not think that by trying to merge nations into one on your earth, you are going to accomplish UNITY. It is not so, for around you in the same country you will find different interests, different tastes.



Why not work together and create councils? Yes, it is good to have COUNCILS OF DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD — I do not say nations, for I do not like the word — but different parts of the world, that is right. These councils would be able to discuss and represent their own people, their own brothers and sisters, which you should all try to understand, and they would create a SYSTEM OF EXCHANGE between the different parts of the world, an exchange which would BAN THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION between each other.

There should be competition in the sense in which you can best make life easier for your fellow human beings, but not competition to outwit and leave behind — rather a system of barter which will enable every different people TO PRODUCE WHAT THEY ARE BEST SUITED to produce, which they know they can SAFELY EXCHANGE with their brethren OVER THE OCEANS AND SEAS. So that they can too depend on each other.

You will say, « with the spirit as it is today, there will be misunderstanding in words. » There is nothing like a need of each other. So grow to need each other, and grow not to resent the need you have of each other. For, do not misunderstand, however strong and mighty you might feel, if you are alone you are nothing.

Your spirit is only strong when you have learned how to depend on others. There cannot be evolution alone. You cannot achieve it without need of each other, the need for your neighbour, your own country-people and abroad — and the knowledge that no place on earth can have perfect inhabitants, for if your world were perfect, it would have no need to exist. ”



QUESTION : “What effect would the world’s end have on the world of spirit?”

WHITE RAY : “It would bring much more work into the world of spirit, for such a chaos would precipitate — as you may well imagine — a great number of souls upon the planes of spirits, and we should have to wait for another beginning of something similar to your earth to continue our work towards evolution and perfection, that is all.”

QUESTION: “Do you mean that the end of this earth would affect evolution in the spirit world?

WHITE RAY : “Not in the sense you understand. It would only create greater work, not different from the work most spirits who have travelled along the road of evolution have undertaken up to this day, and hope to carry on in the future. But if such an event occurs, the Great Spirit, who has created the infinite, has a plan for the continuation of individual and collective work, so it would not affect the evolution in the general meaning of the higher world.

This is the first time I have used the phrase “higher world”, but it is the right name. For while there are in the spirit world many spheres that are unevolved and still in the mist of ignorance, it is meant by the Great Spirit to be a higher world.”

ANOTHER SITTER: “I imagine the questioner means, would the end of this world make the spirit world non-existent? Is the spirit world dependent for its existence upon this world?”

WHITE RAY: “No. The earth is dependent upon the spirit world for its existence, for the earth is mortal; but the spirit world is immortal, so it cannot be destroyed.”

QUESTION: “Would you in the spirit world have warning of such an event?”

WHITE RAY: “We would.”



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