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Healing the World

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Ershamstar School of mediumship
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 David Bailey
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Joy and Clarity

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Orion Silverstar
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From Anne and her group in the UK 

Anne (1) 
This picture is interesting in that it shows the healing energy flowing over and into the patients head.
Spirit lights and If you look in between their heads you will see a the face of an elderly man. We have been told that this is the face of Donald, who is a lovely communicator and guide to a friend who is part of the physical circle
Anne (3) 
Anne (4) 
This photo shows the the face of Cloud Moonlight, the healers native american guide who advises that he will oversee the physical circle and will speak within it. 
A bolt of light appears to be entering his forehead and another streak of light can be seen just across the bridge of his nose. 
This photo shows a mans face to the right of the patients head. His name is Norman and is a guide to the lady being healed. 
There also appears to be writing within the photo, showing what to us looks like 07 or OZ but we can't make this out.
Anne (5) 
Anne (6) 
Spirit lights , with a face in the in the energy against the curtain
The energy does not appear to be coming from the cage in this photo, which is good and rules out light flares from the brass cage.
Anne (8) 
Anne (2) 
The face of a bearded man looking into the living room at the bottom left hand corner. 
More Spirit lights and energy around healer
Anne (7) 
Anne (9) 
Another musical instrument in the shape of a harp. 
Possibly shows a saxaphone (or similar instrument) on the curtain.
Anne (10)
Here you can see spirit energy around the healer and a face looking up at the healer.