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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEXT: The information or advice that I write on this Site have been taken from my own experience, or from my own knowledge/research. These texts are offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgement in utilising  this material. If something rings true to you, fine! If something does not resonate, please, leave it alone!  
Materialization (with ectoplasm created from sitters's protoplasm) and ITC images (which does not need sitters, and which does not need any effort of materialization from the spirits, thus allow to work in full light) are two different techniques. In the first, you can see and touch lively spirits, talk to them. In the second technique, you can't see or touch them, but the equipment confirm that they are in the room, and can take their pictures.
According to the type of phenomena people need to obtain, the supports provided to the spirits will be different. For EVP experiments, to get sound, it will be necessary to provide supplementary sounds to the spirits. Usually the photographer uses flash and light projector to make his photography; for ITC photography, the searcher will need also to provide extra-lights to the spirits, and the ectoplasm will be made of photons energy. For materialization, to create life, the support provided will come from elements taken in alive bodies.
It looks as the today spiritualists have completely forgotten how to work to help spirits create ectoplasm made with protoplasm, and then materialize themselves, that is why they don't understand the difference between the two techniques. So let us talk about ectoplasm made with protoplasm, and bring back the "know how" that has been lost...
The material which exudes from the orifices of the medium, particularly, the mouth, but also the nostrils, or from he skin, particularly in the areas of the solar plexus and the breast, called "ectoplasm", or "ideoplasm", is made of a concentration of a matter around a central nucleus; much as star forms in a nebula, or cells by concentration of a protoplasmic material...

There first appears a more or less formless mass, which may not even be visible, but which can be felt and seems capable of mechanical actions. Spirits, by the exercise of their will, can transform this ectoplasm into a body they can move in, touch with, and speak through. They can use also this ectoplasm as rods or levers, to elevate trumpets, or other object and furniture. Ectoplasm comes in many different forms, color and conditions; it may be gaseous, liquid or fibrous; it may be soft as velvet with a moist sticky surface, or it may be rough and solid; it can assume different colors, or be of a soft white grey, or black; it can be invisible, although it has weight and give sensation of contact, and can make an imprint on plastic substances; in materialization, it sometimes take on gorgeous colors from the flowers and gowns of those in the room.

IT IS EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO LIGHT, AND DETERIORATES WHEN SUBJECTED TO ITS RAYS. The spirit teachers tell us that the energy in the light rays tear down the ectoplasm, so that they are still experimenting to find an element to add to the ectoplasm that will enable it to withstand the devastating power of light.
Ectoplasm has been analyzed by the French scientists. Psychic Science tells us that it is an outer layer of protoplasm. Material science states that protoplasm is the physical basis of all life and defines it as a viscid, usually colored substance which will not mix with water. Its chief chemical components are CARBON, HYDROGEN, NITROGEN, SULPHUR AND OXYGEN ; Physical mediumship requires either a superabundance of the chemicals contained in protoplasm, or the addition of an unknown chemical built up by spirit power, plus a form of spiritual energy of which we know but little. Thus it is etherealized and made sensitive to thought. The Spirit Operators are able, through the power of thought, to mould it into any desired form they wish to use in a manifestation.
Residues of the amorphous substance has been examined microscopically by Schrenck-Notzing; he has found vestiges of epithelium, bacterial forms, and a notable amount of fat. In certain cases, it looked like vegetable tissue; in others like filament of cotton surrounded by a granular substance whose nature could not be determined.
As light rays are very destructive to formations of ectoplasm, all manifestations of physical mediumship MUST BE HELD IN THE DARKNESS. The detrimental effect of light is not unnatural for it is in accordance with nature's law. The first stages of embryonic life always take place in partial or complete darkness. The body of the child requires nine months in which to be built in the womb before it sees the light of the day; the grain must be planted in the darkness of the Earth, in order to germinate; the photographer must develop his pictures in the subdued red light, or total darkness, as bright light rays destroy the chemicals on the film or plate.

All of these are manifestations of natural law, and we do not question them, so let us not be inconsistent enough to deny the truth of psychic phenomena, because it must obey the same natural law.  
The spiritualists of the 19th century used to sit for physical phenomena, HOLDING EACH HAND IN CIRCLE DURING ALL THE SEANCE; the sitters were used as batteries, sat in the dark; MUSIC was played, and the sitters joined enthusiastically and happily with their SONGS . The atmosphere had to be good, light and relaxed. The physical medium could be isolated in a black cabinet, or be part of the circle, with sitters sat on each side of the medium, and holding his hands. The physical medium needed to be in deep trance. The room was almost without furniture.

If light tables were used for levitation, it was preferable that they should be in solid wood.  
This type of physical mediumship requires a total harmony among the sitters who must volunteer to sit for long months, and it takes long time to develop. The main problem is to have sitters who are aware that this type of phenomena requires a long term task from spirits. How many circles have failed, because the sitters they hosted accused the medium of faking, even before the spirits had the time to develop the phenomena? Bad ambiance, sniggers, jealousy are detrimental to such long sittings, based on time dedication. If using subdued light, the phenomena take even longer to develop.
ITC photography of the spirits is a complimentary tool which can help the mediums to prove the reality of the messages they transmit, when trancing. It permits to avoid the accusation of faking...The photographs are immediate, they don't require months or years of labourious development. ITC does not require any group of sitters, or dark room. But, because physical mediumship must be developed in a dark room, without electronic interference and without too many copper electric cables, the Spirit Operators have asked that the two different kind of experiments be separated. The 21st century EVP and ITC photography are using more electronics, than the simple recording machine and infra-red cameras used in the séances room.  
Submitted by Maryse Locke