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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEXT: The information or advice that I write on this Site have been taken from my own experience, or from my own knowledge/research. These texts are offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgement in utilising  this material. If something rings true to you, fine! If something does not resonate, please, leave it alone!  
I have a couple of Buddhist friends, in France, and they are professional mediums. For some years now, on a daily basis, the husband has been meditating ten times more than his wife. He meditates for a short time before the arrival of each client. He is really struggling to have visions every day for his clients and, despite all his efforts, his wife is having better results! She is an amazing medium. 
Actually, his wife is very lazy, and only meditates twice a day (with her eyes open). She is able to see the spirits in full light, and is able to see all the reincarnations of the people, as if she was an observer of a coloured movie, with the sounds, etc.
I thought for a long time, that the reason for this incredible mediumship was because the Tibetans taught her some secret practices. I knew that she was making some strange visualisations for the emotional clearing, and some spiral visualisations, as if the room, with its furniture, was whirling around her. I knew also that Rasputin told her to spin on her feet at least 7 times before beginning her meditations. The whirling of the dervishes made me think that a vortex had to be made to attract some etherical particles of energy in her auric field to enforce the electro-magnetic energy around her, and thus enabling the guides to work better on her. Some are using the spinning bed for developing their mediumship.
Even if all that is true, it was not enough to explain her incredible abilities. I knew that the subjective visualisation of a static object, (with the eyes closed or the eyes open, and keeping concentration on this visualisation) had a consequence of energizing the area of the forehead (the third eye) and the pituitary gland. I knew that the passiveness and a deep relaxation state could also enable the subconsciousness to raise to the surface. But the results of using this method took a long time to be achieved. I also knew that for years, my friend has had the ability of automatic writing, which has helped her to train for altered consciousness or Trance State.
Then, I understood the reason! (Eureka!). My Buddhist female friend has been suffering for many years of sinusitis, and to calm her headaches, she has, for the past few years, been visiting a Chinese woman, having acupuncture on her forehead!! Having the silver needles twice a week on her forehead (and on her head and fingers) has energized her pituitary gland!
Eight years ago, I, too, had some acupuncture silver needles put on my shoulder blades (twice), and on those same two nights, I was able to see in my bedroom, a glowing gold light (like plasma light, without shadow zones) lighting my room, and 7 people materialized, all watching at me in the middle of the night. Since then, in a séance, a Chinese spirit who was specialist of acupuncture confirmed to me, that having acupuncture on the digit of the heart finger would also develop my mediumship.
With regards to the shoulder blade points, Shirley Maclaine wrote many years ago ("Dancing in the light") that the Doctor Chris Grishom, at Santa Fe, who was a medium specialist in Reincarnation, was setting the silver acupuncture needles on the shoulder blades of her clients who wanted to develop mediumship or to know their reincarnation.
An Italian neurologist, Dr Giuseppe Joseph Calligaris (26th Oct 1876 - 31st March 1944) , has also determined that numerous points on the body, if they are regularly massaged to energize them, could develop the ESP abilities.
So I went on Internet, and I found the following device that could detect the acupressure points, and could replace the needles, and is easy to use for non-acupuncture specialist : the ACUPOINT www.acupuncturedirect.co.uk 
With regards to energizing the pituitary gland, I also discovered that, during the telepathic experiments, the Russians were using a flashing light, put on the table near the picture which was used for the experiments.

Immediately, I thought about the ganzfeld effect, and also about the Doctor Lefebure researches on the "phosphenism". I had already experimented with the Doctor Lefebure technique, and I had visions quite easily from the very first seance, but it is dangerous to use, especially if people do not respect the timing for using the lamp, and the instructions.
The ganzfeld equipment is less dangerous, and is giving good results (not as quick and efficient as acupuncture, but it can be a complement of all the other methods). Here is a supplier in England who's prices are reasonable, compared to the USA prices for this device: Mr R. Witfield - New Age Electronics 42 Greenwood, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 2EB England - Tel 01289 304352.
Some people are gazing on the surface of a lake, a river or the sea, on which the sun is reflecting, to train themselves. Others are scrying on the shining surface of a crystal ball, a magic mirror, or are gazing on the surface of a cauldron full of water. On each side of these objects, they place two candles whose flicktering light creates the ganzfeld effect.
Staying in the domain of the energy, once, in a seance, the following information came: during the life of King Salomon, the people used to meet for spirit communications under a dome shaped room, finished by a kind of long and sharp aerial in copper pointed to the sky. Then I thought about the shape of the golden Tibetan Tulpas, and this made me discover the researches of Doctor Elmer Green at the Menninger Institute, Topeka (Arkansas) who used a copper plated dome shaped room, and who used the same techniques as the Mahatmas in India to develop mediumship. A magnet on the coronal chakra was used, during the meditations and scrying sessions on the copper plate mirror.

The session lasted one hour in the morning, and one hour in the afternoon. After three days, the person was beginning to get colours visions, as the Mahatmas asserted. I understood that it was still about a person sitting in an electro-magnetic field, during the exercises, as for the vortex attracting etheric energy particles when spinning.

Some are using the magnetotherapy for their mediumship development, having a tennis headband on the forehead (third eye) during the night. On the side of this headband which is in contact with the skin, a green tourmaline is sewn on, and on each side of the green tourmaline, a magnet is sewn on too. They are also using magnets on their plexus chakra during the day.
I was not at the end of my discoveries. I was still on my energy tracks with the conductible metals. Of course, I understood why, in our ITC experiments, we have received the image of a man from an ancient civilisation, wearing a metal object on his forehead (in gold, silver or copper) in the shape of a leaf. This metal object was a kind of aerial, used for the same purpose as the gold crown on a head, made with conductible metal.
Then I wondered why the Indians, in India, were having sweets coated with gold or silver foils, or why the Native Americans (the Navajos, Southwest) were eating corn pollen to develop their mediumship. There might exist some natural foods or minerals that could help to make the body more conductible. I ordered the book "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - Amazing revelations of the incredible power of gold", from Laurence Gardner, then I discovered the research of David Hudson about the "White Powder gold" that he considers as "the alchemist philosophical stone" which can develop the pituitary gland, and help to become medium.  
Here is the list of Edgar Cayce's and David Hudson's information on how to harmonize your body with foods and minerals or mechanical devices, also including the mono-atomics elements, which will help your body to become super-conductible;
1) Edgar Cayce:He recommended the following two appliances for meditation use, to balance the energy field of the body (Reported benefits include help for the nervous system, deeper relaxation, better concentration, improved circulation and more powerful meditations):
- The Wet Cell Appliance Kit- The Radio-Active Appliance Kit  
These equipments are for individual use, and can't be lent to other people, as the user leaves his vibrations on them. They are to be used only on the day of harmonious mood, for the negative emotions can impregnate them with negative vibrations. They can be bought at www.caycecures.com
- Air Purifier with Generator of Negative Ions (marque Delonghi, ...) and Rock Salt Lamp liberating negative ions help also to develop mediumship. The Air Purifier with Negative Ions Generator can't be used longer than three hours at a time, because it creates static electricity, and makes all the dusts stick on the wall.  
Edgar Cayce's approach for a balanced body was holistic (as for the Kriya Yoga of the Swamis). Establishment and maintenance of equilibrium and harmony in all body functions was of first importance. He advised spinal manipulations and massages to encourage sufficient drainages and eliminations. To stimulate and help regulate the circulatory system, sauna, and fume baths, hydrotherapy, elimination of the toxins by colonics (at Edgar Cayce's time: only 2 or 3 litres of water were used, with sea salt and bicarbonate added to it, so he advised to have colonic one a week during 5 weeks. Today colonic hydrotherapy is more aggressive, using larger amounts of water, and can't be made too often).
The balanced diet he emphasized, in order to eliminate the excess toxins from the body and restore it, was on alkaline easily digested foods. The diet was to consist mainly of fruits and vegetables and their juices. Undesirable foods were those high in starch or carbohydrate content, such as sweets, white bread and potatoes. Pork, and all fried and greasy foods, alcohol, drinks with chemicals within were to be avoided.
Various herbal preparations to help ease the digestive process (stomach, intestines and kidneys) were recommended:  
- American Saffron tea: 1/2 tea spoon in a cup of BOILING water; leave infuse 5 to 10 minutes before drinking it. One cup in the morning, one cup in the evening. (the mediums in Guadeloupe drink American Saffron tea from 48 hours before the trance séance, in order to purify their body, and help the energies to circulate). The cheapest price for American saffron can be found on Yahoo shop.  
- Slippery bark elm water: 1/2 tea spoon in a cup of COLD water; leave 15 minutes before drinking it; exists also in    capsules. To be taken ½ hour before breakfast.  
- Mullein tea from time to time: 1/2 tea spoon or some fresh leaves in BOILING water; leave 15 to 30 minutes; drink one cup per day.
2) David Hudson: He recommends the "White Powder Gold", sold in capsules, containing mono-atomics elements: Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Iridium, platinum and chromium... for the purpose of expanding consciousness. It improves the balance of right-left hemispheres of the brain and learning ability (it is part of alternative treatment for dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and autism), enhances mental clarity and focus, positive emotions and greater sense of inner peace, of relaxation, increases intuitive powers and sixth senses stimulation, deeper prayer and meditatives states. It contains electromagnetic frequency and wave patterns that raises the vibrations of the natural energy fields and chakra centres of the body.
Gold and Rhodium normalize the hypothalamus, energize the thymus, while Iridium energizes the pituitary gland and affects the spinal cord. The White powder Gold (Etherium gold) can be found at 
the quantity recommended per day is about 500 mg, i.e. one or two  capsules per day,  in the morning and afternoon,
These are some informations on where to find these minerals:  
Silver:- Tomato- Quercus Rubra L - Northern Red Oak (Stem)  
Rhodium:- Carrot juice- Grape juice- Ace mannam (?)- Grape seed extract- Slippery Elm Bark- Sheep Sorel- Essiac Tea  
Iridium:- Aloe Vera gel- Flowering kale  
David Hudson gave also the advise to consume all the vegetables and fruits with violet colour.
This is where I am with my discoveries to date, but I am sure that there is more to find...  
Submitted by Maryse LOCKE