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Click Image below to see result 
 and below the image underneath you 
will find the techniques for ITC
ITC IMAGES — Necessary Equipment 
1 ) A Digital Camera, or Analogue, with ouputs of video: Vidéo composite,  or S-Vidéo, or USB, or Fireware (I Link) 
2 ) A Video controller for improving image resolution and adjusting video level. 
3 ) A Transmitter and a Receiver Video (used to connect a secondary 
television in the house,  without cables). 
4 ) A Video Projector. 
5) Two tripods, one  for the digital camera and one for the video projector. Both tripods must be set side by side during the experimental session. 
6 ) A white concave screen (made from art card 1 x 1 metre supported by a 
frame)  made by yourself. Our configuration does not use TV screen at all. 
7 )A computer with 2Ghz processor, 512 Mb or more of memory, Hard drive 60 Ghz and with a video card minimum RAM of 64 Mbs (TV OUTPUT 
as an option). 
8) Software to edit video and analyse image by image : PINNACLE STUDIO 8 (www.Pinnaclesys.com) ou ULEAD/Corel VIDEOSTUDIO 11 (www.Ulead.com
9 )To Edit the images generated by Video software,  adjustment of contrast, reduction of pixels, etc : 
PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 2.0 (www.adobe.com) 
or ULEAD PHOTO EXPLORER 8.5 (www.Ulead.com)  
Procedure to set up and obtain a LARSEN LOOP 
. Connect and switch on all equipment. 
. Set the camera with lens in wide angle position and projector 
 pointing at the centre of the screen. The camera and projector 
 should be at the same height and aligned centrally to the screen and next    to each other. 
. Adjust position of camera to obtain and white image in the middle of the 
 screen.  VERY IMPORTANT : Initially set video controller to minimum, and bring up level   until spot appears. If this procedure is not followed damage may occur to  your camera. 
. Adjust the lens on camera to zoom onto the spot, you may need to adjust the camera position slightly to maintain image in the centre of the screen. 
. Adjust the zoom until the image fills the screen and oscillations of lumiere 
 commences and you start to see white clouds developing. You need to 
 adjust the video controller to maximise the effect.  
. When you are satisfied with the image quality, then start recording the video 
 on your computer using the video software(Pinnacle ou Ulead).  
. Only make a 10 seconds recording, ( one can take more) which will represent 
 250 images  to be reviewed. 
. Look at each image using video software. 
. Save images where there are images of the Spirits. 
Other Recommendations 
1 - The camera and projector must be placed at a distance of 50 — 75 cms from the 
curved screen. If they are placed too far away,  you will find that images are not 
strong. This distance is also dependant on the type of camera and video 
projector that you have.  Keep room lighting at a minimum. 
2 - The video transmitter and receiver should be plave minimum 50 cms bewteen 
each other and behind the  projector and camera. 
3 - On the ground,  underneath the table on which you have installed the 
equipment, lay aluminum foil (Kitchen foil)  under the total area of the table 
This will minimise interference (electromagnetic) and avoid the phenomena 
“EARTH”. This advice is useful also for EVP experiments.  
4 - Do NOT heat the room in which you carry out your experiment. In warm 
weather a air conditioner may be used to cool room 
Switch off all non essential lights.  
5 -  Mobiles phones and computers operating with electricity create  important   interferences. Please, check that the attendees have switched these devices off. 
6 - Switch off all the large lamps, a small blue lamp (15-25 watt incandescent ) is acceptable , it must be located away from the recorder. 
7 - These experiments are part of physical mediumship; for the direct voices part of the transcommunication experiment,  a large number of attendees used as "battery" in an harmonious atmosphere, and with their positive mentality focused on the equipment and on the experiment, this  is the necessary condition to obtain audible voices. These attendees should stand or sit around the experimenter and the devices, at the nearest distance as possible. The German researcher Hans Otto König experiments with  a large assembly of 30 to 60 people. Same for the researcher Marcello Bacci. Spirits are using the attendees' energy.    
8- The experimenter should wear loose clothing and under-clothes, in order to let the energy circulate freely and be used by the spirits during the experiment. Same recommendation applies for the attendees.  
(See the other recommendations on the EVP Techniques section, as they  are valid for all kind of  ITC experiments).